Dear Upper School Parents and StudentsDear Upper School Parents and Students
Acquiring knowledge, exercising intellectual curiosity, and reading for aesthetic pleasure are activities that should not cease in the summer months. Consequently
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Leaving the Reservation in Selected Prose by Sherman AlexieLeaving the Reservation in Selected Prose by Sherman Alexie
I would like to thank my supervisor, Jeffrey Alan Vanderziel, B. A., for his kind help
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Stephanie Aguilera Professor TopfStephanie Aguilera Professor Topf
Sherman Alexie’s novel shouldn’t be banned for it contains important information that can help a young teenager understand and handle their lives when hardships begin to form
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Grade thematic unit onGrade thematic unit on
Identify the impact of tolerance, discrimination, prejudice, acceptance, and hypocrisy on individuals and society
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Sshrc/cura resources (North American) Aboriginal AustraliaSshrc/cura resources (North American) Aboriginal Australia
A creation Story. (Illus. Donald F. Montileaux). (2006). Tatanka and the Lakota people. Pierre, sd: State Historical Society Press
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