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Political background

The leftist Party of Social Democracy in Romania (PSDR), which dominated Romanian

politics in 1990-96 under a number of different names, was returned to power after parliamentary and presidential elections in November 2000. The PSDR won the largest number of seats in the new parliament and elected to form a single-party minority government. The PSDR candidate for the presidency, Ion Iliescu, who was president from 1990 to 1996, won a second-round run-off for the presidency against Corneliu Vadim Tudor, the candidate of the ultra-nationalist Greater Romania Party (GRP). The GRP was also the second largest party in the new parliament after the collapse of support for the center-right parties that had dominated the governing coalition in 1996-2000. The PSDR has ruled out parliamentary co-operation with the GRP and has chosen to govern with the tacit support of the centrist parties.

The remaining parliamentary representatives of the outgoing government, Mr. Roman's Democratic Party, the HDUR and the NLP agreed to form a democratic opposition that would not attempt to overthrow the government.

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