Case: Alcor Ventures

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Summary of Financials:
The seed funding to successfully secure contracts for at least one of the targeted Romanian airports should less than $1 million. Even though it may be over a year between incorporation and the first contract signing, most of the time will be spent doing background checking and securing political contacts. Activity will begin to increase when it becomes apparent that a presentation to the government decision-makers is forthcoming. Expenses will include legal counsel to establish corporation, and will ramp up as activity increases to include international business consul and participation in contract negotiations. Leased office space in Manhattan with back office operations, necessary marketing research in-country expansion potential, development of construction documents and design drawings and travel expenses incurred during due diligence and meetings with government officials will constitute the other major expenses for the first 2 years. Of these two years, the owners plan on staying employed in their current positions as a way of subsidizing their efforts.

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