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Learners Having Difficulty bDescribe Different Kinds of Law1

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7-1 Text
7-1 Text
Learners Having Difficulty bDescribe Different Kinds of Law
Create a chart on the board with the following four columns Statutory Law, Common Law,
Administrative Law, and Constitutional Law.
Have students copy the chart onto a sheet of paper.
As a group, complete the chart by describing each type of US. law and adding at least one example of each.
Remind students that they can refer back to their charts to recall the different kinds of US. law.
Visual/Spatial, Verbal/Linguistic
Alternative Assessment Handbook Rubric 13: Graphic Organizers
Info to Know
Jury Selection The Jury Selection and Service Act of 1968 recommends that juries be chosen from the list of registered voters. Most states use their voter lists as a source for jurors. Because of varying voter registration rates, however, this list may not meet the requirement that forbids discrimination injury selection based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or economic status. Other lists that states use to select jurors include drivers license records, tax rolls, welfare rolls, telephone books, and records of utility company subscribers.

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