Carpe Momento’ – Seize the moment! by Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey

Our voices are still needed!

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Our voices are still needed! Life needs to go on, business needs to continue, people’s needs can be cared for!
I was speaking in New Jersey, across the river from NYC, last December and took a morning to travel over and walk around ‘Ground Zero.’ It was a walk of quiet reflection, of being in the moment, and allowing the sense of tragedy and loss to impact me. To stop and read the cards, the ‘have you seen this man?” notes, look at the pictures of people lost in a moment when the two jets impacted. A chance to take a moment and read the patriotic notes, the declarations of optimism and hope that people from around the world had left on the walls, and fences surrounding the area. To take a moment of reflection and leave my thoughts on the wall, and a dedication that “I would continue to speak out, to encourage people to live their lives, to give and to gain the riches each moment would bring.”
Dante wrote, ‘Think, this day will never dawn again.” Each moment, when passed is gone forever, lost in the sands of time. Each moment is like a grain of sand which when it has passed thru the narrow neck of the hourglass of our life, cannot be returned or reused. It is the decisions and the dedication in which we ‘invest’ our moments in time, which will determine the richness of our legacy.
Decide today to live in the moment, make each moment count in your life and the lives of those you value. Decide today to let yesterday take care of itself, and to plan for the future, but live for today. Decide to value yourself and your time highly, and to invest yourself in a worthy cause.
Copyright 2002, All Rights Reserved. Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey is a creative catalyst and speaker who works with individuals and organizations to enhance their success. He is the author of 6 books and his articles have been published in trade journals and publications across North America. Visit for additional articles and information on his programs and services.

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