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This collection contains materials relating to the history of Carol Stream, IL and a sampling of records about other local places. All items are owned by the Carol Stream Historical Society.

Background Information
These items were compiled over several years by members and friends of the Carol Stream Historical Society. Carol Stream is a western suburb of Chicago, founded by Jay Stream in 1959. Before that time it was primarily farmland, and its farming heritage remains to this day. Jay Stream’s vision for the Village of Carol Stream, named for his daughter Carol, was to encourage growth of industry while also providing affordable residential housing.

The Carol Stream Historical Society is comprised of volunteers who share the passion of preserving and presenting the history of the community. The goal of the Carol Stream Historical Society is to preserve a remembrance of the dramatic development of the area from the days of being a prairie through conversion to a farming community until the formation and progress of the Village as it exists today.

Scope and Contents Note
This archival collection of the Carol Stream Historical Society exists to document and preserve the history of Carol Stream, including the settlement of the area before the incorporation of the Village in 1959. Special collecting emphasis is also given to historical items from the late 1800s and the 1950s which provide a historical context for what life was like in Carol Stream during these periods. The board of the Carol Stream Historical Society reserves the right to make appraisal decisions on whether donated items fit the criteria of the archival collection development policy. Those items which do not fit the criteria may be removed from the archives.

Carol Stream residents and outside researchers wishing to use the archives of the Carol Stream Historical Society must contact the Society and schedule an appointment to view materials.

The archive is arranged in 13 series: The Carol Stream Historical Society Records, Locations, People, Photographs, Publications, Services, Carol Stream Anniversaries, General Documents, Books, Oversized Materials, Memorabilia (objects and framed items), Scrapbooks, and Audio-Visual Materials.

The Carol Stream Historical Society Records trace the history, events, and meeting minutes of the Society. The Location series highlights important geographical landmarks and buildings in Carol Stream. The series on People features important names in Carol Stream history, as well as the annual Citizen of the Year awards celebration.

The Photographs series contains a variety of photos from a large span of years featuring locations, people, and events. Photographs can also be found in the following series and folders: CSHS Records (folder 2), Locations (folders 1 and 13), People (folders 2, 5, and 6), Anniversaries (folder 5), and in the Memorabilia and Scrapbook series.

Various Services in Carol Stream such as the school district, post office, library, etc. are represented next, followed by materials relating to Carol Stream Anniversaries, including memorabilia items. The General Documents series contains items which relate broadly to Carol Stream (maps, guides, etc.) and other nearby localities, including some historical documents which are the oldest pieces in the collection.

The Books series contains both editions of “Build Your Own Town,” the history of Carol Stream written by Jean Moore, and various other books of topical or historic import. The Oversized Materials and Memorabilia series include large or three-dimensional objects. Various Scrapbooks featuring articles and photos of Carol Stream history were compiled over the years by different people, and the Audio-Visual Materials series contains slides, VHS tapes, audiocassette tapes, and some digital media.

Materials relating to the Out on the Farm television show which was filmed in Carol Stream in the 1950s may be found in the Memorabilia and Audio-Visual Materials series.

Related Materials
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Folder Description of Contents


(11 folders, 1977-2012)

1 Carol Stream Historical Society Bylaws. Two drafts, ca. 1970s and revised bylaws June 26, 2012.

2 Various documents: CSHS “Statement of Purpose,” list of CSHS events 1999- 2009, “Preserving our Heritage” brochure (3 copies), documents relating to CSHS merchandise (including notecards, magnet, and order forms for Build Your Own Town and CSHS Christmas ornaments), correspondence received – including a White House Christmas card from George and Laura Bush, and Oral History collection interviews and a few photos (July 15-21, 1998). Oral History interviews included: Erwin F. Hahn, Eleanor McCaslin, Mark S. Molinelli, John and Virginia Molinelli, Richard P. Kammes, and Betty Lou (Kuhn) Kammes.1998-2010.

3 CSHS Donations records (2003-2008), and earlier CSHS collection catalog in spiral bound booklet ca. 2008. 2003-2008.

4 Early CSHS Records, including copies of the Carol Stream Historical News. 1977-1995.

5 CSHS Records, including meeting minutes, event materials, financial statements, etc. 1997-1999.

6 CSHS Records, continued. 2000-2003.

7 CSHS Records, continued. 2004-2006.

8 CSHS Records, continued. 2007-2009.

9 CSHS Records, meeting minutes 2010.

10 CSHS Records, events and misc. 2010.

11 CSHS Records continued, 2011-2012.

Folder Description of Contents

SERIES 2: LOCATIONS (14 folders, 1852-2012)

Historic Farmhouse, 301 W. Lies Rd.
1 Various documents including: Tour guide information, deeds (1871-1993), articles (undated, 1997-2008), promotional brochures, documents relating to non- CSHS events (2002), printed images of drawings and photos. 1871-2008. (See also: Photographs series folder 1 for photos from the Farmhouse dedication,
June 20, 2002 and video in Audio-visual series titled “Farmhouse Celebration” along with various slides).

2 Memorabilia found in the Farmhouse during a garage sale: 2 grade school class photos (1950), 2 notebooks listing gifts, 1955 day planner, and Big Big Picture Book for Tiny Tots (Whitman Publishing, 1911) – stored in Oversize Series. 1911-1955.

3 Farmhouse Renovation: correspondence, etc. (1997-2002), McGuire preservation plans and project descriptions (1996-1998). 1996-2002.

4 Farmhouse Renovation: Carpet and wall paper samples. n.d.

5 Farmhouse landscaping materials: correspondence (1997-2000), tractor and windmill information (1998-2004). 1997-2004.

6 Farmhouse landscaping plans and maps during renovation. Undated and 1998.

7 Farmhouse landscaping plans and maps during renovation. 1999.

8 Farmhouse renovation project specifications. 2001.

9 National Register attempt. 1991-2000.


Gretna Museum and Caboose
10 Articles and correspondence. 1974-2005.

11 Museum inventories, collection development policy, donor lists, and other related plans and documents, including printed images. 1974-2005. (Note: several of these documents were damaged due to flooding.)

Folder Description of Contents

St. Stephen’s Cemetery
12 Articles (1963-2012), correspondence (1974-1992), and related documents including a few burial records, images, history, and “Family Remembrance Day” event. (ca. 1960-2010). A laminated property deed of Paul Warner and wife to Rev. James Oliver (Diocese of Joliet, Chicago), signed by Erastus Gary on December 20, 1852 – stored in Oversize Series. 1852-2011. See also: photographs series, and framed photo of St. Stephen’s in memorabilia series.

Tall Trees (Kelly, Cole, and Parma)
13 Histories, maps, illustrations, photographs, and other documents relating to the Tall Trees property. 1874-2006.

Town Center
14 Resolution No. 1599 for Town Center and Task Force Summary, various documents from June 20, 1998 dedication ceremony, events listings, and certificate for brick paver in honor of A. Ace Moore. 1997-1999. See also, photographs series, folder 6.

Corpus Christi Catholic Church
15 Internet article about the history of Corpus Christi Parish. June 2009.

(7 folders, 1868-2011)

1 Carol Stream Citizen of the Year articles, tickets, programs, and other related documents. 1968-2011.

2 Elsie C. Johnson, Superintendent of School District 93. Includes photographs, articles, memoir by Jean Moore titled “Fitting Tribute,” and a memoir by Elsie’s sister, Henrietta E. Crain “Elise Violet Carlson Johnson Lucking – A Carol Stream Pioneer.” 1958-1982. See also: Services Series – School District.

3 Jean Moore, Carol Stream Historian and founder of the Carol Stream Historical Society. Includes: typescripts on various topics by Jean Moore, “I Love Carol Stream” by Jean Moore (January 18, 1983), articles, correspondence, and other related documents. 1975-2010.

See also – Carol Stream 20th and 25th Anniversaries, 1979 and 1984, and the book “Build Your Own Town” in the Book series.

Folder Description of Contents

4 John Schweizer, Carol Stream Trustee and President. Includes correspondence, articles, citizen of the year materials, and 2 copies of You can Take the Boy Out of the Country, but you Cannot Take the Country Out of the Boy by John Schweizer. 1974-2010.

5 Carol Stream, daughter of Jay Stream. Includes: articles, photographs, documents relating to the 25th Anniversary of Carol Stream (1984), and a commemorative envelope from the opening of the Carol Stream Post Office (1984). 1952-2008.

6 Jay Stream, Carol Stream founder. Founder’s Day dinner program and photographs (1986), photograph, Carol Stream History by Jean Moore (1979), various memoirs, and articles. 1960-2006. See also: Audio-visual series VHS tape titled “Jay Stream.”

7 Warren Wheaton, early founder in area. Deed for land pertaining to Warren Wheaton and the DuPage County Courthouse, 1868.


SERIES 4: PHOTOGRAPHS (8 folders, 1834-2009)

1 General and miscellaneous photos. Unidentified negatives, 2 Carol Stream welcome signs, village hall (undated), a few unidentified events and people, 2 outside photos of a surveyor and horse pulling a wagon, an image of a barn, and NASA photograph of 3 astronauts from 1969. ca. 1969-2000.

2 Events Photographs – Carol Stream Historical Society events (quilt show – undated, June 20, 2002 annual meeting and Farmhouse dedication, 2005, 2006 & 2009 teas, and July 4, 2009). Citizen of the Year photos (unidentified negatives, and banquets from 1983, 1991, 1994, and 1997). Gunderson Drive Parade (undated). 1983-2009.

3 Historic Farmhouse photos, undated and 1930-1999. Includes exterior and interior shots, as well as a crop chart from 1947-1950.

4 Historic Farmhouse photos, 2000-2003.

5 Locations 1, including: Early Carol Stream photos (ca. 1958-1960), Glenbard North football and graduation photos (1976-1994), and Gretna Museum and Caboose photos (1976-1987). 1958-1994.

Folder Description of Contents

6 Locations 2, including: Carol Stream Postal Facility, with CD (2007), St. Stephen’s Cemetery (with tombstones ca. 1978, and church recreation school project by Joe McGuire), Town Center (1998 dedication, and 2000 banner), Tedhrahn’s store photos (undated and 1983), and various other locations (fire house, Corpus Christi Church, Tedrahn’s house in Cloverdale township, 1834), St. Isidore’s Church, ca. 1920?, Lies and Fair Oaks Roads ca. 1969, and Dieter Farm, 1899). 1834-2007.

7 Early scenes from Carol Stream mounted on seven pieces of matte board. 1958- 1959.

8 Various photos of the Kramer family (farming family). Also includes an essay titled “My Grandpa” by Heather Shankle, referring to Bernard John Kramer. 1903-1993.

SERIES 5: PUBLICATIONS (6 folders, 1961-2010)
*Note: These are not complete runs of periodicals. Date ranges will need to be checked to see which issues are included.

Carol Stream Publications
1 Carol Stream Bulletin (1959) and Carol Stream News (1967-1979)

2 Carol Stream Correspondent (1982-2010) and Carol Stream “Kidizen” (March 1962)

3 Carol Stream Examiner (1979-2007)

4 The Citizen (1961)

5 The Citizen (1962)

6 The Citizen (1963-1964)

Other Publications
7 Preserving the Records of Illinois’ Past for the Benefit of the Present and the Future: A Strategic Plan Produced by the Illinois State Historical Records Advisory Board (Springfield, IL: 2001).

8 Farm Journal October 1947 issue (Philadelphia, PA).

9 New Dominion Magazine / Daily Press Thanksgiving edition, 1968.

10 Chicago Tribune: January 30, 1983 issue on Chicago history (2 parts), October 3, 1984 historical issue on Bloomingdale / Itasca. 1983-1984.

Folder Description of Contents

11 Chicago Tribune supplements. 1997-2007.

12 The Press Suburban Life Publications – Carol Stream Issue. Volume 88, No. 51, December 31, 2010.

See also: Oversize section

SERIES 6: SERVICES (5 folders, 1872-2012)

1 Fire Protection District: articles, program from dedications of headquarters station, September 11 10-year anniversary ceremony program from 2011, History of the Fire District (undated), and 2 copies of “Highlights of Fire District Activities Throughout the Years” (1947-2012) booklet prepared by the Historical Committee. 1977-2012. See also: photo series, folder 6.

2 Carol Stream Public Library: General articles, building plan of Hiawatha library building plans (January 1978), library meeting room policy (1991), Library Trustees Board meeting minutes (October 2007), James Wenntersten (Library Board member) memorial card and obituary (2012), resolution certificate from Mayor Saverino celebrating the library’s 50th anniversary (2012), and finding aids for the library’s Carol Stream Local History Collection (ca. 1999). 1978-2012.

3 Carol Stream Park District: General articles (1975-2003), Simkus Recreation Center dedication program (March 25, 1990), membership invoices, correspondence (1994-2006), demotion of Aldrin Community Center (2012). 1975-2012.

4 Post Office: General mail facility booklet, 1992.

5 School District: General articles (1961-2012), examples of historic school documents (1872-1953), general documents including: “Record of Elections for School Officers” (1945-1955), education tax increase proposition (1976), school district boundaries chart, a newsletter from 1987, “Growing up on a Farm in Gretna, IL” memoir by Elizabeth Fortman Hennicke, photocopy of a photo of Cloverdale school children from ca. early 1900s, Benjamin School District 25 photo (early school house), CCSD93 folder. 1872-1997. See also: Elsie C. Johnson in the People series.

Folder Description of Contents



1 10th and 20th Anniversaries: Two 10th anniversary booklets from the Community Improvement Committee, article on the 10th anniversary, 20th anniversary bumper stickers, 20th anniversary brunch invitations, and two blank “Certificates of Appreciation.” See also, 20th anniversary scrapbook. 1969-1979.

2 20th Anniversary articles. 1979.

3 25th Anniversary articles. 1984.

4 25th Anniversary: Twenty-four Postal Facility commemorative envelopes. 1984. (There is one additional box of these.)

5 25th Anniversary: Three “I Love Carol Stream” buttons, one Carol Stream 25th Anniversary hat from Gary Wheaton Bank, two “I Love Carol Stream” bumper stickers, one CD of JPG image files of 25th anniversary, one CD containing Carol Stream song lyrics in Word documents, two printed copies of the CS song lyrics and one page of sheet music, words and lyrics by William J. Mertz (July 19, 1984), two CS Industrial Fair programs (June 23, 1984), Kick-off Luncheon program at Indian Lakes Country Club (August 26, 1983), event notices and planning documents, letters from President Ronald Reagan (July 23, 1984) and Jay Stream (July 4, 1984), resolution commending Jean Moore from Janice Gerzevske (November 1984), two copies of a script for “I Love Carol Stream” slide show (by Jean Moore?), and two copies of the anniversary calendar by the CS Park District. One large framed poster, stored separately. 1984.

6 30th and 35th Anniversaries: Daily Journal 30th anniversary issue (October 17, 1989), 35th anniversary decal, one article, programs and invitation for Founder’s Day Open House at the Village Hall, and other event documents. 1989-1994. See also: 30th anniversary keychain and 35th anniversary pen stored with memorabilia items.

7 40th Anniversary: Articles, “Tastes of Carol Stream” cookbook, Carol Stream Historical Society documents relating to the 40th anniversary celebration (see also the Carol Stream Historical Society Records series, 1999), and a printout of a slide presentation celebrating the anniversary. 1999. See also: cup holder for 40th anniversary stored with memorabilia items.

Folder Description of Contents

8 40th Anniversary: Two CDs with a Powerpoint presentation celebrating the 40th Anniversary. Printouts of the slides in the preceding folder. 1999.

9 45th Anniversary: Clear plastic plaque and XXXL blue shirt – stored with memorabilia items.

10 50th Anniversary: 2 Issues of the Carol Stream Correspondent (Spring 2009 – 2 copies, and Fall 2009), scripts for the 50th Anniversary Heritage Tour, an article, and a related email. Two banners, stored separately. 2009.

SERIES 8: GENERAL DOCUMENTS (11 folders, 1845-2012)

1 General items: Includes general history documents about Carol Stream, the Carol Stream Songs by William J. Mertz and Frank and Mary Fluke (1972), Carol Stream Trivia Challenge, and Carol Stream Convention and Visitors Bureau letterhead. 1963-2009.

2 1950-1960s: Includes articles, old logos, “Sesquicentennial Illinois” booklet (1968), and model home brochures and pricing.

3 1976 Sesquicentennial: “Nite Gallery” booklet from the CS Council of Catholic Women, Illinois Sesquicentennial clean up week bag, sesquicentennial calendar, Final Report of the Illinois Bicentennial Commission.

4 1970-1980s articles.

5 1990s articles.

6 2000s articles.

7 Carol Stream Development documents: including a list of items in the Time Capsule (1968), and a booklet called “Village of Carol Stream: 35 Years of Development, A Chronology 1963-1998” by Gregory J. Bielawski, August 1999. 1963-1999.

8 Carol Stream Guides and Directories: Community Directories (1994-1996), two promotional booklets and a folder of promotional materials. 1994-2000.

9 Carol Stream Maps. Includes village plat maps with postal numbers from 1958. 1958-2008.

10 Local museums: includes a booklet for an “Architectural Landmark Tour of Wheaton,” an issue of DuPage History magazine, and Directory of Illinois Museums from IAM. 1993-2006.

Folder Description of Contents

11 Miscellaneous Historical Items: Includes articles on historic topics, corn weight ticket from 1925, DuPage Court House dedication ribbon from 1897, Presidential Handbook from 1964, a sheepskin deed to Mr. Aning S. Ransom of DuPage County from 1845, and a phrenological chart for the head of A.G. Ransom from 1876. See also: railway time table and C & M Shoes and Variety Store 1956 calendar stored in oversized materials. 1845-1998.


SERIES 9: BOOKS (17 titles, 1925-2009)

Research Bakery – Armour’s 75th Anniversary Cookbook and other mid-20th century cookbook pamphlets.

America’s Taste: 1851-1959 (New York: Simon and Shuster, 1959)

1847 Atlas and History of DuPage County, Illinois (DuPage County Historical Society, 1975) Includes some photocopies relating to Carol Stream.

DuPage Delights recipe book (Wheaton, IL: DuPage County Federation of Republican Women, 1992)

DuPage Discovery 1776-1976 (DuPage County Bicentennial Commission, 1976)

History of the Carol Stream Fire Protection District 1947-2008 (privately published)

Women’s Institute Library of Cookery Vols. 1-5 (Scranton, PA: Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences, Inc., 1925)

Moore, Jean and Hiawatha Bray. DuPage at 150 and Those Who Shaped Our World (Wheaton, IL: DuPage County Sesquicentennial Steering Committee, 1989)

Moore, Jean and Richard Crabb. Young People’s Story of DuPage County, Great People of DuPage Book 1 (Dundee, IL: Crossroads Communications, 1981)

Humes, James C. The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln (New York: Gramercy Books, 1996)

The Community’s College: Sixty Years of Elgin Community College, 1949-2009 (Elgin, IL: Hagg Press, 2009)

SERIES 9: BOOKS (continued)

Fiore Sr., David J. The Chicago Great Western Railway (Arcadia Publishing, 2006) – 2 copies

Edwards, Jim and Wynette. Elgin Illinois: From the Collections of the Elgin Area Historical Society (Arcadia Publishing, 1999)

Moore, Jean. Build Your Own Town…The Carol Stream Story (Carol Stream Historical Society, 1984) – 4 copies

Moore, Jean. Build Your Own Town…The Carol Stream Story Revised Edition (Carol Stream Historical Society, 1999) – 4 copies

Aquilo (yearbook of Glenbard North High School). 1986 and 1987 yearbooks.


Folder Description of Contents

SERIES 10: OVERSIZED MATERIALS (8 folders, 1852-1993)

1 Big Big Picture Book for Tiny Tots (Whitman Publishing, 1911) See: Locations series, Historic Farmhouse

2 A laminated property deed of Paul Warner and wife to Rev. James Oliver (Diocese of Joliet, Chicago), signed by Erastus Gary on December 20, 1852. See: Locations, St. Stephen’s Cemetery

3 Chicago, Aurora, and Elgin Railroad Company Time Table No. 64, June 23, 1930. See: General Documents, Miscellaneous Historical Items

4 C & M Shoes and Variety Store 1956 Calendar. See: General Documents, Miscellaneous Historical Items

5 Chicago Tribune July 4, 1976 issue. See: Publications

6 Three issues of Chicago Tribune Magazine: July 15, 1979; November 11, 1990; March 28, 1993. See: Publications

7 Two issues of Life Magazine featuring Apollo 12 moon landing: August 8, 1969; December 12, 1969. See: Publications

8 The Prairie Farmer July 31, 1948 edition. See: Publications

Folder Description of Contents

Items stored separately
9 Large rolled maps of surrounding farmland (ca. 1956) and DuPage County (1897).

10 Large framed poster for 25th Anniversary of Carol Stream. 1984.

(25 items, 1924-2009)

1 Carol Stream flag (navy and white with tree logo) – n.d., 2 flags

2 Carol Stream 45th anniversary XXXL blue shirt. 2004.

3 Items in white box: Old hammer, historic doorknob (from Kammes farm?), Knight Brand Safety Matches, postage scale, metallic Carol Stream bike tag (0009), Carol Stream Historical Society Corporate Seal, 30th Carol Stream anniversary keychain and 35th Carol Stream anniversary pen (1989-1994, see: Carol Stream Anniversaries). 1989-1994.

4 Clear plastic mug from Carol Stream Oktoberfest (Carol Stream Chamber of Commerce, Rotary International, Village of Carol Stream). n.d.

5 White china mug from the Mitsubishi parts distribution center grand opening. May 12, 1982.

6 Blue cup holder from the 40th Anniversary celebration of Carol Stream. 1999. See: Carol Stream Anniversaries.

7 Clear plastic plaque from 45th Anniversary celebration of Carol Stream. 2004. See: Carol Stream Anniversaries.

8 The Game of Carol Stream board game, Wheeler-Dealer. 1984.

9 Windmill blades (stored in separate box).

10 One wooden clothes wringer. Best Made model #2033, 11” x 1 ¾”. Patented February 26, 1924. ca. 1920s. (stored separately)

11 One large red milk can. (stored separately)

Folder Description of Contents

12 Burlap and yarn wall hanging Bicentennial gift from the students of the Carol Stream School 2nd grade class. July 4, 1976.

13 Two banners for the Carol Stream 50th Anniversary. 2009. (stored separately)


Framed Items
14 St. Stephen’s Church and Cemetery. n.d. See also: Locations, St. Stephen’s Cemetery.

15 Framed article titled “A Pig Roundup Hogs a New Show” about the TV show “Out on the Farm.” n.d.

16 Framed letter from John W. Cockrell (Circuit Court Clerk) to President Janice Gerzevske on the founding of Carol Stream. April 9, 1985.

17 Picture of the Sioux model home. ca. 1959.

18 Photo of Carol Stream. ca. 1980s?

19 Gretna station and caboose. ca. late 1970s?

20 Photo of the Bicentennial Quilt from the Carol Stream Women’s Club, made under the direction of Libuse Skaryd. 1976.

21 Certificate of Excellence for the Carol Stream Historical Society from the Congress of Illinois Historical Societies and Museums. September 13, 1985.

22 Resolution No. 02-06 recognizing and thanking the Carol Stream Historical Society for its partnership in assisting the CS Park District in winning the 2002 National Gold Medal Award for excellence in parks and recreation.
November 11, 2002.

23 Bicentennial gift featuring the students of the Carol Stream School 2nd grade class. This is meant to accompany the burlap and yarn wall hanging. July 4, 1976.

24 Plaque for the Carol Stream Historical Society with thanks for contributions leading to the CS Park District winning the 2002 National Gold Medal Award for excellence in parks and recreation. ca. 2002.

25 Large binder of scripts from the television show “Out on the Farm.” Includes a folder of articles and related documents about the show. 1954-1992.


SERIES 12: SCRAPBOOKS (9 volumes, 1974-1999)

Book of Memories Carol Stream 1959-1999, Carol Stream Historical Society. Contains resident reflections, articles, and other documents. 1999.

Memories of the Hartsing Farm, Mark Molinelli (first volume). Contains photographs. 1995.

Memories of the Hartsing Farm, Mark Molinelli (second volume). Contains photographs. ca. 1995?

Carol Stream’s Bicentennial Celebration. Contains photographs and articles. 1974-1976.

Carol Stream general scrapbook. Contains article clippings. 1974-1979.

Carol Stream 20th Anniversary scrapbook. 1979. (stored separately)

Carol Stream general scrapbook. Contains article clippings. August 12, 1982-April 10, 1985. (stored separately)

Carol Stream general scrapbook. Contains article clippings. 1985-1987. (stored separately)

Carol Stream general scrapbook. Contains article clippings. 1987-1989. (stored separately)


Folder Description of Contents

SERIES 13: AUDIO-VISUAL MATERIALS (18 items, 1950s-2003)

1 “I Remember When” series VHS videotapes. “Village Presidents and Managers” (March 25, 2003 – 5 copies), “3 Former Police Chiefs” (May 2003 – 4 copies).

2 Three VHS tapes and two audio tapes from the Carol Stream Historical Society’s “Evening of Memories” event. July 1998.

3 “Farm House Celebration” One VHS tape and one DVD. Includes footage from the Farm house dedication, and the “I Remember When” series. ca. 2002. See also: Locations series: Historic Farmhouse.

4 “Jay Stream” VHS tape. n.d. See also: People series.

Folder Description of Contents

5 “Out on the Farm” episode about dairy farming and milk production. One VHS tape, ca. 1950s?

6 One untitled music CD of songs (including some by Bing Crosby). Used for theme music at a CSHS event? n.d.

7 Three DVDs titled: “Landmeier Video: Out on the Farm Crew, color,” “Out on the Farm – Hunting, Clint Youle – Jim Hurlbut,” and “Landmeier Home Movies – silent, b&w.” n.d.

8 Eleven 50’ reels of unidentified Super 8 (8mm film). n.d.

9 Box of slides labeled “Early Years of Carol Stream.” n.d.

10 Box of slides labeled “Armstrong Park Pool.” 1967-1969.

11 One envelope of slides labeled “Slides from the ‘I love Carol Stream’ slide presentation.” For accompanying script, see Anniversaries series, 25th Anniversary. 1984.

12 Box of slides labeled “Carol Stream Landmarks.” 1985.

13 Two square plastic boxes of slides labeled “Aldrin Center, Lake George” and “Caboose 543, Duplicates / Rejects.” undated and May 1988.

14 Small plastic box of slides labeled “Outdoor scenes Carol Stream.” September 1993.

15 One envelope of slides labeled “Farm, landscape, and outdoor scenes.” February 1976-1979.

16 One envelope of slides labeled “Farmhouse slides.” April 25, 1991. See also: Locations series: Historic Farmhouse.

17 One envelope of slides labeled “Farmhouse outdoor slides and 2 bedroom slides.” 1991-1992.

18 One plastic rotary slide tray, in box, and an instruction manual for a Da-Lite projection screen.

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