Caption for Illustration Helen had a lot of tantrums. Her tantrums got bigger and bigger as she grew

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Visions of Helen Adams Keller

(The writer produced numerous illustrations that cannot be reproduced here. Captions that add significant textual evidence are included below.)

Caption for Illustration

Helen had a lot of tantrums. Her tantrums got bigger and bigger as she grew.
Have you ever heard about Helen Keller? She made a big difference in the world. Helen was both blind and deaf. But, Annie Sullivan arrived, and that helped her. Helen learned lots of things from Annie. The first word Helen learned from Annie was water. Find out how Helen learned that by reading this book.

Keller was born on June 27, 1880. When Helen was 19 months old, she became very sick. Soon enough, she became blind and deaf. Now that Helen was deaf and blind, she couldn’t speak. She couldn’t share her emotions. That developed into tantrums. Mr. and Mrs. Keller could not control Helen. They needed someone to help them.

Annie Sullivan arrived on March 3, 1887. Helen was 8 years old. Annie Sullivan came to help them. Annie tapped into Helen’s hand. The tappings were words. At first, Helen didn’t know what it was but then Helen knew. But, Helen still had tantrums. Annie taught her how to behave. Next, Helen learned braille, a raised dot language and square-handed script.

Caption for Illustration-

Helen learned a lot of things. She went to classes from 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. She wanted to learn!

Annie and Helen went to the Perkins Institution. Helen took classes with children that were blind and deaf. Annie spelled every word that the teacher said into Helen’s hand. Helen learned geography, Latin, German, Greek, French, and English. Helen was very, very smart.

Helen entered Radcliffe College in the fall of 1890! After that, Helen wrote books and magazine articles. One of her books was called “The World I Live In”.

In 1936, Helen’s teacher, Annie Sullivan died. Annie was with Helen every step of the way. Next Polly Thompson took Annie’s place. Helen needed someone to be with her after Annie died.

When Helen got older, she traveled to different nations, talking to people. Once she went to Japan. Also, she met famous people, like John F. Kennedy.

During World War 2, Helen visited soldiers that were blinded in the battle. She encouraged the soldiers and gave them advice. She helped them too.

Helen Adams Keller died on June 1, 1968. We should all remember this wonderful, talented lady. I hope Helen knows we know she is very, very brave.

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