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Space development is for the point of exploiting spaces resources

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Space development is for the point of exploiting spaces resources

Bhagwat 2011 (Vishnu, former Chief of the Naval Staff of India, Thee Weaponization of Space: Corporate Driven Military Unleashes Pre-emptive Wars, July 13, 2011,

The small financial elite , which is the oligarchy of political societies referred to ironically as democracies; the bankers, financial companies, big oil companies, giant GM Agribusinesses, drug and food companies and seed monopolies seeking to control the world’s food and energy , to dominate nations and people across the globe in all continents , have effectively privatized public assets and commons and , therefore , diminished and emasculated democracy with the ulterior intent of depopulating the world . It is the policies of this oligarchy which determine priorities of national budgetary allocations on weapon systems and their expansion into Space  to target the planet earth , and for use in the oceans , the seabed , and as earlier stated into Space . However all these areas of our small and vulnerable planet ,  the earth , the oceans , the atmosphere and space are intertwined and interconnected. As we see the world order today , the material conditions of the people from one continent to the other  , the direct consequences of colonialism  , breeding predatory wars for resources and markets , and conflicts within nations and interse between nations  , to further consolidate an extremely exploitative , parasitical and colonial regime to crush the ‘untermenschens’ or  sub-humans, which is the expression for the ordinary people of the this planet, to condemn millions with a predetermined policy to malnutrition , hunger, disease and death , as never before at any time in world history . In India , Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru had described these conditions as the “terror of hunger and unemployment”, thinking they were inherent characteristics of those times in colonial India and would be eradicated when freedom was won ! To encapsulate, the very character of accumulation of surplus under a system of Capitalism , its extreme parasitical characteristic of sucking the blood and fruits of toil of the worker and whole colonies, nurtures policies that  create satanic weapon systems to establish hegemony and dominance . Human progress in science and technology , instead of being  harnessed for the benefit of civilization is being used to innovate and invent , no matter what the cost to national budgets , weapon systems robotic in their capacity to kill and maim large numbers of people , increasingly the civilian population . This is being witnessed , to give one example with the drone technology  with its remote control ,  in advance  of   later versions  to be deployed in Space.  This process is accelerating   even as people are losing control over military budgets even as they  have no control over their political systems . The nature of this weaponization  is intended to destroy the human habitat and environment and has dangerous implications for the genetic future of mankind, in the nature of  GM and terminator seeds of the Agribusiness companies.

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