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The affirmative’s appeal to nationalism and leadership is merely a ploy to get public support for imperialism.

Marshall 95 (Alan Marshall is in the Institute of Development Studies at Massey University, February 1995, “Space Policy”,

Nationalism has been the background against which the US space programme has gained much of its popular support. The Kennedy and Johnson Administrations were able to tap into the political mileage to be gained from space travel. In the face of an attack on American national prestige by the Soviet Union’s space exploits nationalist sentiments were easily excited to gain support for a space programme that would reaffirm the USA’s technological prowess. Technological achievements are tangible examples of the superiority of a society, or so many a political leader has sought to convince its subjects. The Kruschev regime, too, held that the technological success of the Sputnik and Vostok projects clearly demonstrated the superiority of the Soviet communist system. Throughout many periods of imperialist history, nationalism has been an essential driving force. As Mommsen l1 declares ‘Sometimes states- men were far less inclined to engage in costly overseas ventures than were those sections of the population, including the masses, who were tempted by vague future greatness and economic advantage’. This situation may well apply to modern day USA, in which the repeated public calls for a massive reassertment of America’s space programme are repeatedly ignored by the US senate, who show a bias towards ‘prudent’ management of the federal budget rather than the future imperial glory of the USA in space. It might be claimed that the lack of receptivity of the US Senate to vast popular sentiments shows the inadequacy of America’s political structures in matters of representation. This may indeed be the case, but it seems likely that the main reason populism is not successfully spurring on Solar System space development is because space development is not popular enough. In the recent past, nationalist and populist calls for an increase in the US space effort were often imbued with ideological stances aimed at the activities of the USSR in space.

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