Cape Cod Rough Riders Cowboy Challenge Rules

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Cape Cod Rough Riders Cowboy Challenge Rules

All riders 18 and under must wear a helmet when mounted-Regulation riding boots must be worn when mounted. Helmets will not be penalized for ANY rider choosing to

wear one.
English or western tack and attire required. Penalty of up to 5 points deducted for non- compliance. We recommend exhibitors wear tack and attire worn at a horse show; however chaps are not required.

English Tack includes – bridal, saddle and pad. English attire includes, helmet, jods, field boots, Long sleeve collared show shirt and/or hunt coat. Half chaps are allowed.

Western Tack includes – bridal, saddle and pad. Western attire includes western hat or helmet, jeans, boots, collared long sleeved shirt (tucked in) or show vest/jacket.

Western riders with a western shank bit must ride one-handed. Hackamores are not allowed.

Any training devices are also not allowed. Martingales, tie-downs, draw- reins etc…

Equine leg protection is allowed and encouraged.

All judges decisions are final

The management or judge has a right to refuse an entry or dismiss any horse or rider for safety issues, unsportsmanlike conduct, abuse or any other reason deemed fit at their

Coggins Test-A legible copy of current (within one (1) year) Negative Coggins test must accompany each horse on the show grounds.

Points are scored when approaching an obstacle, working and departure. A rider may earn up to 10 points per obstacle. Approaching, working and departing an obstacle with a horse with a willing attitude may score more points. For Example:

Obstacle: Three ground poles at the jog.

Approach – horse/rider willing attitude, calm demeanor; jogs up to and over poles. +1 Point.

Working- successfully goes over poles at jog with ease, ears forward, quiet, calm and doesn’t touch poles. Rider displays good equitation and confidence. +8 Points.

Departure- Completes poles with no faults, behavioral issues or pilot errors. +1 Point.

Reasons for penalties may include unwilling or behavioral issues, pilot errors, poor equitation, off course or unsportsmanlike conduct.

This is a timed event; however each obstacle must be completed according to pattern posted (correct leads, backing, etc.)

The horse/rider with the most points and fastest time wins.

One rider may take up to three different horses into each division. A youth rider may take the same horse into the course as an adult rider, and/or open. Also, lead liners are allowed to participate, but the youth must handle the obstacles. ( for example: carrying a bag or backing etc..) Each division course will be different and increase in difficulty.

Any and all returned checks are subject to a $30 service charge.
Walk- Through – starts at 8AM $10 at gate with sign-up sheet, first come first serve. Allows you to ride through the obstacles in 5 minutes or under.

This year we encourage any English or Western exhibitor to participate in our first cowboy challenge clinic at Cape Cod Rough Riders.
This will be held on Sunday April 26th 2015. Sign up starts at 10. The Open ring will be from 11am-1ish- and the clinic will be from 2-4pm.
This is a great way to ask questions, address any issues with your horse and obstacles and get your horse ready for show season. We ask that any youth 17 or under must be accompanied by a trainer or legal guardian.
The fee for the Open ring and Cowboy Challenge Clinic is $20- and for any non- CCRR member the fee is $30-

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