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Use your CAP File as you read the lesson. Place your CAP File into your folder. Refer to the last page of the lesson for instructions on what to submit to the assessment tab.

Part I

Answer the following questions.

How do your experiences influence you? Describe a book, song, movie, or other media that has affected your life or way of thinking.

How have the Magna Carta, Mayflower Compact, English Bill of Rights, and Common Sense affected what you think about government?

Part II

Fill in the following chart using information from the lesson. The document names appear for you.

Name of Document

Effects of the Document on the Colonists

Quote from the Document and Explanation for the Quote

Magna Carta



Mayflower Compact



English Bill of Rights



Common Sense



Part III

Show off how much you learned! Try writing your own rap about the Magna Carta, Mayflower Compact, English Bill of Rights, and Common Sense.

Rap Song

Let's travel back

To each time
A bunch of words
That got no rhyme
Made an impact
For all to see
Especially colonists
And today you and me

First England's King John

In Twelve-fifteen
Signed the Magna Carta
He wasn't too keen
It limited his power
Kings are not divine
People wantin' some rights
Made him sign the line

In Sixteen-twenty

Mayflower riders
Made a compact
To be law-abiders
To laws fair and equal
For the common good
It was a social contract
For the new Plymouth 'hood

Back in England

The English Bill of Rights
Protect what's mine
The right to bear arms
And submit petition
Further limits the monarch
Helps my position


American colonists
Had some problems and
Put them in lists
For King George
But they could not agree
On declaring independence
Then along came Tommy

Thomas Paine, that is

Wrote a pamphlet
Called "Common Sense"
They all had to have it
Blaming king and parliament
For their problems
Convinced many colonists
To break off and solve 'em


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