Canadian history 11: specific curriculum outcomes (scos) Learning Outcomes

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Learning Outcomes are statements that articulate what a student is expected to know and be able to do and understand as a result of a learning experience.
Introductory SCOs:

1.Identify and describe continuing/persistent questions that have deep roots in

Canada's history

2.Identify those individuals, events, and/or symbols that they believe have

contributed to the development of Canada and explain their historical


UNIT 1 Globalization: What has been Canada’s place in the community of

nations and what should its role be?

Students will be excpected to:

GLI investigate and assess various traditional and emerging theories regarding the peopling of the Americas

GL2 analyse the effects of contact and subsequent colonization

GL3 demonstrate an understanding that Canada's development was influenced by evolving relationships with France, Britain, and the USA

GL4 analyse the role played by WWI in shaping Canada's identity

GL5 analyse the role played by WWII in shaping Canada's identity

GL6 analyse the evolution of Canada's roles in the late twentieth century
UNIT 2 Development: How has the Canadian economy evolved in an attempt to meet the needs and wants of all Canada’s peoples?

Students will be expected to:

D1 investigate the economic systems of Aboriginal societies in North America

D2 analyse the role played by the Staple Trade in the development of (Colonial) Canada

D3 analyse the relationship between the National policy and the industrialization of Canada

D4 analyse the role of the free trade debate/issue in Canada’s development

D5 analyse the economic trends and policies that impact on Canada’s current and future development
UNIT 3 Governance: Have governments in Canada, past present, been reflective of Canadian societies?

Students will be expected to:

G1 demonstrate an understanding of how pre-contact and post-contact first Nations governing structures and practices were reflective of their societies

G2 demonstrate an understanding of how and why competing French, British and American governing philosophies merged in BNA

G3 analyse how emerging political and economic structures led to confederation

G4 evaluate the evolution of federalism in Canada from Confederation to Patriation

G5 analyse the shift from a traditional two-party process to a multi-party process in post- Confederation Canada

G6 demonstrate an understanding of the purpose of the Canadian constitution

UNIT 4 Sovereignty: How have the struggles for sovereignty defined Canada and how will they continue to define Canada?

Students will be expected to:

S1 demonstrate an understanding that struggles for sovereignty (self-rule) affect countries and people globally

S2 demonstrate an understanding of how desires for sovereignty create conflict and


S3 analyse the struggles of First Nations to re-establish sovereignty

S4 identify and explain the historical and contemporary facts that promoted the emergence of Quebec nationalism

S5 analyse the external factors that have impacted on the struggle for Canadian sovereignty
UNIT 5: Justice: How has Canada struggled for a just and fair society?

Students will be expected to:

J1 analyse the contributions of First Nations, France and Britain to Canada’s legal system

J2 demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between land and culture and analyse the effects of displacement

J3 demonstrate an understanding of Canada’s immigration policies and analyse their origins and effects

J4 demonstrate an understanding of how the lack of political and economic power has led to inequities and analyse the responses to these inequities

J5 analyse the evolution of the struggle to achieve rights and freedoms

UNIT 6: Independent Study Each student will complete independent research
The specific SCO for this unit is: Students will be expected to engage in specific research using the historical method and to communicate the findings of their research effectively.” Though this SCO is designed to provide the frame for a specific piece of historical research by the student, it will be reflected in the overall approach to the course.

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