Canada’s History Directions: Read the article on Canada’s history. As you read, talk to the text. Identify ways each group of Canadians have been important in Canada’s history

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second class citizens, or people who are treated worse than other groups. In 1837, French Canadians fought a bloody rebellion against the British, but were defeated.

In the 1960s, many French Canadians began to stand up for their rights. They reshaped the government of Quebec into the type of government they wanted. They won the right to have bilingual education for their children and the guarantee to have all public signs in both French and English. This led to a growth of pride in French Canadian heritage.

Today, Quebec is the only province with a French majority. Some French Canadians in Quebec (called Quebecois) believe Quebec should be an independent country. The last major vote on the issue happened in 1995. The vote was extremely close. 2,302,648 people (49.3%) voted for Quebec to separate. 2,368,360 people (50.7%) voted to stay with Canada. Quebec remains a part of Canada today, and many French Canadians are happy that way. However, some would still like to see Quebec become its own nation.


Canada today is more than just these three groups. Canada has grown with immigrants from all parts of the world-Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and Australia. Just like the United States, Canada is an immigrant nation.

Those three groups continue to have a huge influence on Canada. Most Canadians are English speakers. Today, Canada’s government is very similar to the UK. Canada is a parliamentary democracy. Their legislature is called a Parliament. The Parliament chooses a leader called a Prime Minister, who is the executive of the country. There is no President.

While calls for an independent Quebec have died down, French Canadians continue to make their voices heard. French Canadians are very conscious of protecting their distinct and unique culture. First Nations Canadians, too, are making special efforts to preserve their languages and ways of life.

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