Canada vs the U. S. A

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Canada vs. the U.S.A

Canada and the United States are very different. They are also very similar. We have a bond with Canada. Canada and the USA’s close relationship is great for everybody. I will now tell you more.

Canada is a melting pot. We are a melting pot too. All kinds of races and religions come here. This helps the economy. The melting pot is making our population grow wildly.

Canada has provinces. Provinces are like states. The USA has states. Canada also has territories. Most Canadians live in Yukon Territory.

Canada does not have a president. They have a prime minister. A prime minister is just like a president. They make the same decisions a president makes to keep the country working. A prime minister is the same as a president, just a different name.

Canada is controlled by England. We control ourselves. The differences between us do not stop our relationship. We are one of the closest neighbors in the world. The similarities between us only make us better in a stronger relationship.

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