Canada and the Cold War: The Gouzenko Affair Lesson 4 The Official Response to the Gouzenko Affair Synopsis

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95 minutes


Introduction (15 minutes)

  1. Post and review the lesson agenda with your students:

  1. Write “War Measures Act” on the board or overhead. Ask students:

  • Have you heard of this act?

  • What do you know about the act?

  • What powers does the act give to the prime minister and Cabinet? (Teacher may need to give some explanation of the act to the students.)

  • When was the act last used in Canada? (The FLQ Crisis, October 1970. Cells of the Front de libération du Québec kidnapped the British Trade Commissioner to Canada and the Quebec Minister of Justice (later assassinated) in an attempt to satisfy certain political demands and to obtain the release of political prisoners.)

  • What potential implications were there for average Canadians when the act was invoked?

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