Canada – ww1 –The Home-front / War Effort

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Canada – WW1 –The Home-front / War Effort

Our Investment of Blood Peoples History Episode 3

  1. What two things did Elsa Mitchener do to support the war effort? __________ ______________________________________________________________

  2. Clare Gas was one of _________________ nursing sisters at the front.

  3. According to Nellie McClung, what is our investment of blood in this war? ______________________________________________________________

  4. Henri Brouassa opposed female suffrage (vote). He believed that the _______-women will kill the __________-woman and the _________-woman.

  5. What two arguments did prohibitionists use during the war to gain support? A)____________________________________________________________B) ___________________________________________________________

  6. In _______, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta passes _______________.

  7. In _______, all three provinces have the ______________.

  8. Which province holds out on both fronts? ______________.

  9. In 1918 the federal government passes _________________________and _______________. There are however exceptions, resulting in long line-ups at the ____________________________.

Note: What was the War-times election Act? _______________________________

Who go the vote?____________________ who lost the vote? __________________

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