Camlann 537 King Arthur killed, perhaps mythical, by Mordred. Naseby

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Megiddo (World War One)

19 September – 31 October 1918

Present-day Israel, Jordan and Syria

Decisive breakthrough. The Allies quickly advanced, taking Damascus and Aleppo, before the Turks sued for peace in October 1918. Battle involved skilful series of manoeuvres and use of aeroplanes, artillery, infantry and cavalry. In many ways can be considered a forerunner of the German ‘Blitzkrieg’ tactics of WW2.

El Alamein (World War Two)

23 October – 4 November 1942

El Alamein, Egypt

Led by Montgomery, the Allied victory turned the tide in the North African Campaign and ended Axis hopes of occupying Egypt, taking control of the Suez Canal, and gaining access to the Middle Eastern and Persian oil fields.

D-Day and the Battle for Normandy (World War Two)

6 June – 25 August 1944

Normandy, France

The greatest amphibious invasion in history. Marked the start of the Allied invasion of Hitler's fortress Europe.

Imphal/Kohima (World War Two)

8 March – 3 July 1944

Imphal (in present-day Manipur, India) and Kohima (in present-day Nagaland, India)

Japanese armies attempted to destroy the Allied forces at Imphal and invade India, but were driven back into Burma with heavy losses. The battle marked a turning point of the Burma Campaign

Imjin River (Korean War)

22-25 April 1951

Imjin River, Korea

The bloodiest battle fought by British troops since World War Two. About 4,000 troops of the British 29th Brigade, including about 700 from 1st Battalion, The Gloucestershire Regiment, faced more than 27,000 men of the Chinese 63rd Army. Around 400 "Glorious Glosters" fought a last stand on Hill 235 (later renamed Gloster Hill) against 10,000 Chinese troops for three nights, allowing time for UN forces to regroup and block the Chinese advance on the capital Seoul.

Goose Green (Falklands War)

28-29 May 1982

Goose Green and Darwin, East Falkland, Falkland Islands

The first major land engagement of the Falklands campaign was a hard fought battle involving 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment and Argentinian forces that provided the British Government with a much needed victory after its Task Force had suffered a number of setbacks.

Musa Qala (War in Afghanistan)

17 July -12 September 2006

Helmand province, Afghanistan

In 2006 Musa Qala was one of the most isolated district centres in Helmand province occupied by ISAF forces. A small garrison of British Pathfinders and Danish troops withstood a Taleban siege for over 50 days. Reinforcements including men of the Royal Irish Regiment and 3 Para endured further weeks of intense combat in this remote outpost.

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