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Hampton Roads Regional LHRC

Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes

July 28, 2015

9:00 A.M.


The committee meeting was called to order by Committee Chair, Rev. Christopher Boyd, at 9:08AM.


Members present: Chair, Rev. Christopher Boyd, James Overton, Jr.

Members Absent: Patricia Alspaugh, Carleen Siegle

Affiliate Representatives Present: Stephen Marsden, Community Services of Virginia, Inc.; Angie Furrow, Didlake, Inc.; Joan Whitted, Emerson Place, Inc.; Tameka Foster, EVOLVE, LLC; Natacha Dolson, G.R.A.C.E.; Karla Foster, James Bentley Treatment Program; Kimberly Davis, Northwestern Human Services, Inc.; Colette Edmunds, Sentara Behavioral Health Services; Rita Fisher, Tranquility Manor; Paul Battle, Tranquility Manor; Sebrina Edwards, Abilities Beyond Disabilities; Juliet Sawi, Abilities Beyond Disabilities; Carol Butler, Abilities Beyond Disabilities; Joseph Calhoun, Community Based Solutions.
Affiliate Representatives Absent: Seeds of Change; Primecare Health and Rehab
Others Present: Reginald Daye, Regional Advocate, DBHDS




The minutes for the meeting held April 28,2015 were reviewed by those present. Since there was no quorum, approval has been deferred to the September 1, 2015 meeting.
Regional Advocate Report

  1. Mr. Daye offered a reminder that Quarterly reports are due two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting. The Committee can refuse to accept a late report. Letters may then be sent to Licensing to request citations.

  2. Affiliates who are having difficulty running CHRIS reports are advised to contact the DELTA Helpdesk.

  3. Mr. Daye reported that Nathan Woodard and Ed Gonzalez are both leaving the DBHDS. Affiliates are advised to contact the Office of Licensing if their program is assisted by one of these specialists.

  4. The procedure for adding a new location for an already licensed service in this region: send a letter of intent to licensing specialist, Hampton Roads Regional LHRC, and Mr. Daye indicating that a new program or location will be added to the license under the already approved human rights policies. At this point, the location is affiliated. For unlicensed new service programs, a letter must be sent to the Hampton Roads Regional LHRC, licensing specialist, and Mr. Daye with a description of the new service and location, as well as a statement that the location will be under the already approved Human Rights policies and procedures. agency’s LHRC affiliation. The letter must identify the licensing specialist by name and indicate that he/she has received the necessary supporting documentation for adding the location. The Human Rights Verification form, Program Rules of Conduct, and Behavior Management Policy must also be attached and the letter must state that these have been submitted to Mr. Daye for review. Once the paperwork is sent out, the program is automatically affiliated with the LHRC. At the next meeting, the affiliate must be prepared to present their program description, Behavior Management Policy, and Rules of Conduct for the committee’s review and approval and for it to be a part of public record.

  5. Mr. Daye reminded the affiliates that his review and approval of the human rights policies and procedures have nothing to do with the program’s affiliation with the LHRC.

  6. Affiliates who plan to accept individuals from the state training centers are advised to develop a policy for the use of medical/protective devices (restraints). Review the human rights regulations as you develop the policy. The policy must be submitted to the LHRC for review prior to implementation.

  7. Mechanical restraints can only be used in hospitals. Providers licensed to provide ID residential services/ outpatients and supportive type services are expected to use behavior restraint such as MANDT, TOVA, etc. that they have trained their staff to utilize.

  8. Protective & medical devices are not considered mechanical restraints because they can be taken off by the client. If a person is unable to remove the devices, then it is a restraint used for medical purposes. This type of restraint must be pursuant to a doctor’s orders, consent form, and formal plan. In addition, the agency must have a policy in place identifying the use of protective devices (ex. Bed rails). If a policy is not in place, the agency will be deemed not a good match for that client.


Tranquility Manor/ Battle Center presented an overview of their therapeutic day treatment program, Rules of Conduct, and Bill of Rights Neither Mr. Daye nor the committee received the corrected Rules of Conduct or Restraint policy in the mail prior to the meeting. The sub-committee voted to approve the Bill of Rights, Restraint Policy 110, and Rules of Conduct. The revised Behavior Management Policy was not sent to all of the LHRC members prior to the meeting. The LHRC has deferred action on the policy under the 09/01/2015 make up meeting of the full committee. The member must receive a copy of the revised Behavior Management Policy prior to the meeting for their review.


Many changes were made to the Program Directory. Angie Furrow from Didlake, Inc. agreed to modify the Directory as many changes were required.

G.R.A.C.E. presented an overview of their Sponsored Residential program. They will serve adults with intellectual disability within a sponsor’s home. Behavior Management Policy and Rules of Conduct were approved by the sub-committee. Therapeutic Options will be implemented for behavior management. The new service will come under the agency’s LHRC affiliation.
Community Based Solutions, LLC added a new location for a group home. The location is 1246 Strange Street Norfolk, VA 23512. Nerissa Rhodes with the licensing specialist for this program.

The add group home will come under the agency’s LHRC affiliation.


1st Quarter
Abilities Beyond Disabilities – served 46 clients. 0 cases of alleged abuse or neglect. 0 complaints. Human Rights training is offered at time of hire and annually.
Community Based Solutions – 4 individuals served in residential program. 0 allegations of abuse or neglect. 0 complaints. Received annual license in April 2015 with an expiration of January 15, 2016.
Community Services of Virginia, Inc. – served 29 individuals in Group home, 13 in home; 11 Intensive in-home, 13 Day Treatment, and 13, Sponsored Residential. 1 report of allegation of abuse. License expires March 31, 2018, except Intensive In-Home which expires March 12, 2016 and Sponsored Residential which expires November 25, 2015.
Didlake, Inc. – 17 served in day support. License is current until June 16, 2018. Triennial license received in June 2015. 0 allegations of abuse or neglect. 0 complaints.
Emerson Place, Inc. – 4 consumers receiving residential services. 0 allegation of abuse or neglect. 0 complaints. Will be reporting on ongoing behavior plan. License renewal due 2015. This Affiliate serves at each LHRC meeting to collect the Affiliate donations for distribution to the Committee Members. The agreed upon donation is $20.00 per agency.

Evolve, LLC – 14 consumers are receiving intensive in-home services. 14 consumers in the mental health support program. 0 allegation of abuse. 0 complaint.

Family Redirection Institute, Inc. – 58 individuals in mental health support program. 54 served in intensive in-home care. 70 in therapeutic day treatment. There were 0 reports of alleged abuse. 0 complaints. Currently auditing their processes. They have closed their Newport News Office.

Participates in transportation of Committee Members to the meetings. Sponsoring in-house Crisis Intervention Training. Continues to host the HRRLHRC meetings at their office location. Recruiting for Committee members in the community.

G.R.A.C.E., Inc. – 5 consumers are receiving supportive in-home services. 7 individuals in residential services. 7 allegation of abuse. 1 serious injury. Agency adding Sponsored Residential to their license; want to add title of Direct Support Professional, under review with licensure.
James Bentley Treatment Program –37 clients served in-home. 0 allegations of abuse. 0 complaints. License renewal due October 2016.

Northwestern Human Services, Inc. – 28 individuals are in residential services. 1 allegations of abuse. 1 behavior plan up for review. 0 complaints.
Seeds of Changeabsent. There was also no representative at April 28, 2015 meeting.
Sentara Behavioral Health Services – 246 patients served for adult acute inpatient. 7 allegations of abuse. 0 complaints.
Tranquility Manor, LLC – 16 clients served. 0 reports of abuse or neglect. 0 complaint. Licensed renewed February 5, 2015. Agency will continue to host quarterly meetings for the Hampton Roads Regional LHRC.


At 10:39AM, The Committee voted to go into closed session pursuant to Virginia code 2.2-3711A to review allegations of abuse, neglect, complaints, incidents of peer on peer aggression, and a behavior plan for the following programs: Community Services of VA, Emerson Place, GRACE Inc, Northwestern Human Services, and Sentara BHS.
At 11:30 PM, the Committee voted to come out of closed session. Upon reconvening in open session, each member of the LHRC certified that the only things discussed in closed session with the following programs: Community Services of VA, Emerson Place, GRACE Inc, Northwestern Human Services, and Sentara BHS, were the allegations of abuse, neglect, complaints incidents of peer on peer aggression, and a behavior plan.
At this time, the Committee moved and voted to adopt the following recommendations for further action:
* Community Services of VA: No recommendations
* Emerson Place: Continue behavior plan for D.G. with quarterly updates.
* GRACE: No recommendations.
* Northwestern HS: No recommendations.
* Sentara BHS: No recommendations

  1. Freedom of Information Act Training (2015):

Meeting Adjourned at 12:15 PM.

The make-up 3rd quarter regular meeting of the Hampton Roads Regional LHRC is scheduled for September 01, 2015 at Tranquility Manor, 4201Portsmouth Blvd., Portsmouth, VA 23701 9:00am. The programs affiliates that did not attend the 07/28/2015 sub-committee meeting and those wishing to present agenda items may attend.

The 4th quarter meeting scheduled for all Affiliate Programs will be held October 27, 2015 at Tranquility Manor, 4201Portsmouth Blvd., Portsmouth, VA 23701 9:00am.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rev. Christopher Boyd

LHRC Chairperson


Sebrina Edwards

HRRLHRC Program Support Liaison


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