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Educational Leadership Program

The School of Education, working closely with the Ventura County Superintendent of Schools and the Superintendents of the local school districts, identified the preparation of school administrators as a primary need when CI opened its doors in 2002. In response to this need CI submitted to the California Commission for Teacher Credentialing (CTC) its program proposal for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. This proposal was approved in Fall 2004. The Educational Leadership Program admitted its first cohort in Fall 2004 with an additional cohort being added each year. Cohort Nine began the two-year program in Fall 2012 and Cohort Ten in Fall 2013. In Cohorts One through Eight, 129 students were admitted and 110 successfully completed the program. To date, 25 graduates have been selected for administrative positions in local area schools, with the remainder serving in leadership positions in the classroom and related assignments.

CSU Channel Islands tenure track and lecturer faculty teach courses in the program, with no instructor teaching more than one course in the program. Many lecturers are currently-practicing local school administrators who bring real-world expertise and currency to the program. The program requires 33 credits (34 for the Masters in Education). The program includes nine separate courses (27 units) and six units of professional development/fieldwork. Fieldwork is completed over the entire two years of the program.

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