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Office of Faculty Development

Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching


From the Director

Julie Glass, Professor

Mathematics & Computer Science
Greetings Colleagues,
Happy Spring Quarter! Remember that you are invited to stop by any time for tea...bring along your lunch and read the paper, or browse our book collection. Our computer lab has PCs, Macs, and a scanner available for faculty use any time we don't have a scheduled workshop. We are open Monday through Friday, 10AM – 4PM, in LI 2300.
We have a lot planned for this quarter! Please consider joining us at one of our workshops/events which will include Online at Your Library: Digital Resources for Research and Teaching with Kyzyl Fenno-Smith and Tom Bickley, monthly LGBT Brown Bag lunches, How to Use The New (and Mandatory!) System for Finding Funding Programs and Submitting Proposals and How to Craft a Winning Proposal with Vicky Jensen, Diversity in the CSUEB Classroom with Li-Ling Chen, Craig Wilson, and Eileen Barrett, Chairs: Technology Survey Says? Facilitated by Faculty Support Services, Department Chair Refresher Workshop with Pablo Arreola, Conducting Research on Human Subjects with Kevin Brown, Faculty Research Panel with presentations by Kara Gabriel, Berna Polat, Dianne Rush-Woods and Michelle Collay, Using Open Source Software in Your Class with Daniel Martin, Balancing Work and Family facilitated by the Office of Faculty Development, with Vicky Jensen, and our Faculty Support Services Year-End Reception/Open House co-hosted by the Office of Faculty Development, the University Library, Media and
Academic Technology
, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, the Office of Service Learning, and the Academic Senate, plus . a whole array of technology workshops with Bernie Salvador, Arlene Lee, Bonnie Correia, Mike Ferketich, Glenn Brewster, Nan Chico and Anne Judd,
We are delighted to be providing travel funds to six CSUEB faculty members: Michael Moon (Assistant Professor, Public Affairs and Administration), David Nickles (Professor, Teacher Education), Caron Inouye (Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences), Craig Wilson (Assistant Professor, Teacher Education), Gretchen Reevy (Lecturer, Psychology) and Beth Chesterman (Lecturer, Psychology), all of whom will be presenting at the 9th CSU Regional Symposium on University Teaching which will be held at CSU Dominguez Hills ( on April 1st. You can find the program for this conference at: http://ctl.
Visit our Website: dev to find

our complete workshop schedule, materials from past our workshops, SCAA workshops, links to teaching and learning resources at CSU East Bay, throughout the CSU, and beyond.

Our mission is to support faculty in their roles as teachers, scholars, and members of the university and wider community. We are committed to promoting a spirit of innovation and collaboration and a love of learning. We also strive to enhance a sense of collegiality as we expand our intellectual, teaching and scholarly horizons. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or comments.
As many of you know, this will be my last quarter as Director of the Office of Faculty Development and the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching. It has been a pleasure to serve the faculty and students at CSUEB in the OFD/FCET these past 6 years. Our dedicated faculty have made my job fun and rewarding. I am looking forward to returning to the classroom full time in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. I am delighted that Nan Chico will be taking over as Interim Director of the Office of Faculty Development. Her expertise as a faculty member and with Online Programs will certainly be a great asset to Faculty Development. Thank you for all your support and great work!


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From the Incoming

Interim Director 2

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Nan Chico, Director of Online Programs

Professor, Sociology and Continuing Ed
Hello, everyone! I'm looking forward to taking over from Julie in late May, but want you all to know that we have already started working together during this transition time. Julie has done an excellent job for all of us, and we are truly grateful and hope she will teach some workshops for us – Overcoming Math Anxiety? Math across the College Curriculum?
In addition to keeping up the workshops and other activities Faculty Development is famous for, I'll be asking for your ideas about future workshop topics, as well as formats and venues you might prefer rather than, or in addition to, workshops. We will schedule more "drop-in" times (for what? let us know what you'd like!) and we will also work more with the Academic Senate folks who will be moving in down the hall.
If you haven't done so already, drop by the Anthropology Museum (MI 4047) and see the "Immigrants All!" exhibit. George Miller (the Museum Director) and Diane Beeson (Sociology, with a longstanding interest in the social issues around genetic testing) and I (from my Medical Soc background) would love to have a colloquium to discuss how DNA analysis as demonstrated in the exhibit could make its way into our various classrooms. Any suggestions? Let me know – call me or email me at
If you will be around in the summer, stop by and share your ideas or just enjoy our Library of teaching materials. If enough people are interested, we could also do workshops during Summer Quarter. Just before Fall Quarter we will once again offer our "Blackboard Bootcamp" but we could also do parts of the bootcamp earlier in summer.
I look forward to working with and hearing from all of you!

Bernardo Salvador,

Instructional Technology Consultant,

Office of Faculty Development
I recently attended the Blackboard User's Conference, which was held from February 27th through March 2nd in San Diego. There was plenty to do, and I went to workshops that included higher education classroom, program, and institutional assessment, online testing, connecting learning outcomes with Blackboard, and online professional development. I also presented with a panel including Terry Smith, Anne Judd, Tracy Tan, Jeff Wiseman, and David Garcia in a workshop entitled "Working Together: The Blackboard Academic Suite at CSU, East Bay." We presented our strategy in implementing Blackboard at CSUEB, and how it requires players from very different "camps" on campus to make it work. The names mentioned above represent Media and Technology Services, Online Programs, Instructional Computing Services, Enrollment Services, and, of course, Faculty Development. We received good feedback and had pretty involved discussions with attendees both during and after the presentation. All in all, a great experience.
Spring quarter is usually viewed as a "steady as she goes" quarter for technology on campus. The short break between quarters only allows for the most needed upgrades that require a minimum of downtime for Blackboard, given there's only about 3 days between winter and spring quarters.
The Turnitin tool within Blackboard is proving successful for most users. Over one hundred new users have used the Turnitin tool in their courses, a significant increase since the tool has been integrated into the Blackboard environment. Things could be better, though, and the future promises better functionality for Mac users. Presently, the Firefox browser seems to be the best bet for Mac users and Turnitin/Blackboard, in terms of functionality. Hang in there!
I'll be making an effort to go out to the departments this quarter, so if you see me,

don't hesitate to stop me if you have a question or two - that's probably why I'm there. Being "out there" will allow me the opportunity to drop into an office more easily, provide a "5-minute fix," or just to touch base and say hello. If possible, I'll use a lab as home base, if there's one close by.

As always, if you have a question, comment, suggestion, project, or anything else technology-wise I can help with, please feel free to contact me at X5-2562 or email me at

Mary D’Alleva, Director

Service Learning Program
As a writing instructor as well as Director of Service Learning, much of my work focuses on verbs—teaching students to “do” with their knowledge both in the community and on paper. My student writers love the verb ‘to be’—most ideas to them simply are; they haven’t yet learned to think critically about their beliefs or put these ideas into practice. In the effort to use more active verbs, students learn that ideas act, that ideas, theories, constantly play out in the world around us. Through community service learning activities, students also learn to see knowledge come to life.
More traditional practices in the university deem that we maintain a kind of purity of discipline, of knowledge—that we maintain a sense of control over our students’ learning, that by sending students out to the surrounding community to learn we somehow fail at our responsibility to teach. This type of thinking deems that we must teach before they can enter the community. Essentially, these beliefs, these word choices, perpetuate isolationist thinking and work from a military-type model of education. I would argue that we are not, in fact, ‘surrounded’ by a community that must be ‘entered’ by a fully equipped workforce. A university, especially a public university is the community. Instead of perpetuating thinking that supports an ‘us and them’ mentality,

academic service learning integrates knowledge, asking students to synthesize experience and theory, to move toward what John Biggs calls high level abstraction: applying ideas in a new context.

As a public institution, we have a responsibility to educate the community about the community: current events, trends, theories, or simply the practical application of discipline-specific knowledge. To be credible in this endeavor, we must change our language to reflect a seamless relationship between the community and the university; we must change our classroom practices to bring ideas to life. As a first step, ask yourself, “What are the ideas in my classroom doing?”

Craig Wilson, Assistant Professor

Teacher Education
The Faculty Learning Community on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is dedicated to improving student learning and deepening collegiality among faculty through open, scholarly inquiries into teaching and student learning. In fall 2005, each of the seven members of this Learning Community made a commitment to present or publish work on the SoTL during 2005-2006. Our spring 2006 accomplishments show that this commitment has been met and exceeded.
David Bowen (Engineering) was one of only nine engineering faculty selected nationwide to participate in a two-day, NSF-funded workshop in Washington, D.C. entitled “The Social Dynamics of Campus Change.” The April workshop will lay the groundwork for exploring whether understanding social dynamics among faculty can increase acceptance and diffusion of enhanced curricular and pedagogical methods.
Li-Ling Chen (Teacher Education) will deliver a paper entitled “Pure or Hybrid: Online Delivery Strategies and Students’ Learning Styles” at the Central California Regional Conference on Excellence in Teaching and Learning, CSU Fresno, in late March.
Caron Inouye (Biology) will present a talk at the 9th CSU Regional Symposium on University Teaching at CSU Dominguez Hills in April. Her topic is “Making Lemonade from a Lemon: Renovating a Physiology Course with Existing Resources.”
David Nickles (Teacher Education) is editing a science activity book to be published by Kendall Hunt this fall. He will also make presentations on “Inquiry into Elementary Science Education: One Professor’s Method” at both the CSU Fresno and CSU Dominguez Hills conferences. He will conduct two hands-on workshops at the National Science Teachers Association Annual Conference in Anaheim, entitled “Ten-Minute K-2 Lessons on Motion” for the Science for Young Children Day, and “Plant Science Long-Term Inquiry Study for Children.”
Sarah Nielsen (English) will speak as a panelist on “Creating a Common Space for Native and Non-native English Speakers in Composition” at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Chicago. She will serve on two panels at the San Francisco convention of California Teachers of Speakers of Other Languages (CATESOL). “Changing Practices, Changing Worlds” will include CSUEB graduate students and community college faculty. She will also join community college faculty as a panelist addressing “Better Lesson Plans through Action Research.”
Gretchen Reevy (Psychology) will deliver a talk on “Storytelling as a Strategy for Teaching College Courses” at the CSU Dominguez Hills symposium and will present a poster session on “Storytelling as a Strategy for Teaching Psychology Courses” at the American Psychological Convention in New Orleans.
Craig Wilson (Teacher Education) will make presentations on “Why College Writers Should Use the Passive Voice: A Lesson from the Graduate Writing Assessment” at the CSU Dominguez Hills symposium and the American Education Research Association in San Francisco. His article entitled “Closing the Feedback Gap in Writing Assessment: The Case of the Passive Voice” has been accepted for publication by Exchanges: The On-Line Journal of Teaching and Learning in the CSU.

Caron Inouye, David Nickles, Gretchen Reevy and Craig Wilson will summarize and evaluate their experiences with this Learning Community through a panel presentation at CSU Dominguez Hills entitled “Emerging Themes in an Interdisciplinary Faculty Learning Community.”


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Location: LI 2300

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