California Gold Rush Tic-Tac-Toe

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California Gold Rush Tic-Tac-Toe

Create an interactive timeline of this period in history. Utilize flaps, pockets, etc. to add 3D elements. Add at least 8-10 dates to the timeline.

Find at least 2 primary sources from this period of history. Print or save a picture of each one and write a short summary of each. Create a presentation using these sources.

Create a persuasive advertisement that would entice people to travel out west in order to pan for gold. Your advertisement should be eye-catching and show persuade people to join the rush!

Create a product chart that shows 10-12 items that are made from gold. Include a picture of each one with a description. Display your gold products in poster or brochure format.

Create a How To Manual for panning gold. Write a concise, step-by-step guide showing people how to pan gold as they did in the 1800s.

Write a letter to a family member as if you were one of the forty-niners taking part in the California Gold Rush. Try to be as authentic as possible in your letter when describing your life.

Create an informative acrostic poem about the period in history using the phrase “California Gold Rush.” Decorate the border.

Create a list of at least 10 vocabulary words associated with this period in history. Once you have chosen your words, find the definition for each one.

Create a fact or fiction display about the California Gold Rush. Use at least 9 pieces of information.

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