Calendar announcement notice of pending civil actions

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DUE August 24, 2015
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, pursuant to U. S. C. R. 20, all counsel and pro se parties having cases appearing on the calendar are required to announce in writing whether the applicable cases listed on said calendar are ready for trial, and if not, to state the reason(s) therefor. Those attorneys or parties receiving this notice have one or more cases pending in Decatur Superior Court. To determine in which cases announcements need to be made, you may view said calendar at this website: (Click on Calendars tab.)
In all announcements, counsel and/or pro se parties must specify the county in which the case is pending, the name of the parties, and the civil action case(s) file number. Announcements in cases that are designated as Judge Cato’s should be directed to him. All other announcements should be directed to Judge Chason except those cases which have been assigned to another judge in which case the announcement should be made to the assigned judge. The judges’ addresses and fax numbers are as follows:
Chief Judge A. Wallace Cato Judge J. Kevin Chason

P.O. Box 65 P.O. Box 729

Bainbridge, GA 39818 Cairo, GA 39828-0729

Fax#: 229-246-5265 Fax#: 229-378-1032


Written announcement must be received in the appropriate judge’s office by 10:00 a.m.,

August 24, 2015. The written announcement may be delivered by mail, facsimile, e-mail, or hand delivery. Oral announcements and announcements by telephone will not be accepted.
Failure to make a written announcement to the said judge as and when herein above provided, may, in the court’s discretion, subject the offending counsel or pro se party to the sanctions provided for in subsection (a) of U.S.C.R. 20.
Whether a case shall be placed on the pretrial calendar or trial calendar shall be solely within the discretion of the court, regardless of what announcement is made (U.S.C.R. 8.1). No action will be continued merely by agreement of counsel (U.S.C.R. 8.5). If a case is not listed on this calendar, counsel or pro se party may contact Becky Harrell, at Judge Chason’s office to request the addition of the case to the trial calendar.
SO ORDERED, this ____ day of August, 2015.





09-CV-586 Jack Simpson /Carletta Simpson F: 06/24/09 Ben Kirbo

v LASA Properties S: 07/01/09

Mediation S: 07/01/09

A: 07/29/09 Thomas L. Lehman

10-CV-0042 Charles Hart F: 01/21/10 Ben Kirbo

v D. Wayne Whiddon (deceased) S: 01/26/10 James W. Conger, Jr.

A: 02/23/10

Suzanne W. Harrison S: 01/26/10 David A. Kendrick

A: 02/23/10

& Daniel A. Bernard, Jr. S: 01/25/10

A: 02/23/10

Abatement of Nuisance

11-CV-0389 Rayford Wayne Poitevint F: 06/07/11 Thomas G. Ledford

v Juan Carlos Castro & S: 06/03/11

Socorro G. Castro-Molano S: 06/03/11

State Farm Insurance S: 06/08/11

A: 06/27/11 E.B. Wilkin, Jr.

11-CV-0575 Acadian Hardwoods F: 08/08/11 WillieBHuntleyIII

v Hallcraft Cabinet & Mill Works, LLC S: 08/10/11 W. Paul Fryer

Bankruptcy Fraud
12-CV-0111 Stephen C. O’Connell, Jr. F: 02/21/12 Robert D. Howell

v Georgia Farm Bureau MIC S: 02/29/12

A: 03/29/12 J. Holder Smith, Jr.


12-CV-0139 Ralph E. Hutto F: 08/08/12 Bruce W. Kirbo,Jr.

v Bainbridge-Decatur County S: Raleigh Rollins

Memorial Hospital & Manor Agent: Dept of Labor
12-CV-0208 Sarah Mock F: 04/02/12 Ryan Cleveland

v Doyle Welch dba Welch Construction S: 04/03/12 Joshua C. Bell

12-CV-0318 W.L. Cook, Jr. F: 05/18/12 Joshua C. Bell

v Evelyn Holley S: 05/18/12

A: 06/29/12 Ryan Cleveland

Injunctive Relief

12-CV-0393 Jerome A. Murawski F: 05/31/12 Ben Kirbo

v Larry B. Thurston & Josephine Thurston S: 08/16/12 Bruce W. Kirbo,Jr.

Mediation A: 09/07/12

A: 09/07/12

Abatement of Nuisance
12-CV-0525 Ford Motor Credit F: 07/13/12 Daniel Bridgers

v Adriana Sena-Tramel S: 07/19/12

12-CV-0532 Joel Jenkins & Aimee Jenkins F: 07/20/12 RobertBLangstaff, Jr.

v Derrick Steven Lambert S: 07/30/12 Lenell G.Lambert S: 07/28/12 James A. Garland

Mitchel S. Evans

Robert C. Watts

12-CV-0730 Jimmy L. Lane F: 10/04/12 Alexander L. Hart

v Charles B. Lane S: 10/11/12 James Edge

Judicial Dissolution
12-CV-834 Loretta W. Valentino F: 11/05/12 G. Morris Carr

v James Meredith S: 12/27/12

A: 12/13/12 Pro se


12-CV-875 City of Bainbridge, F: 11/16/12 A.J. Welch, Jr.

Judge Loring A. Gray, Jr. Climax,Brinson, Attapulgus Andy Welch, III

v Decatur County Ack: 11/20/12 David A. Kendrick

Petition under J. Brown Moseley

O.C.G.A. 48-8-89

12-CV-962 Pride Acquisitions LLC F: 12/27/12 Nerun Ampaipast

v Rodrick K. Harrell S: 12/28/12

A: 01/24/13 Joshua C. Bell

Karen V. Harrell S: 12/28/12

A: 01/28/13

Complaint to Set Aside

13-CV-014 Katie Sanders F: 01/09/13 Robert Demetz, Jr.

v Jimmie Dale Baugus S: 01/23/12 David Nelson

Mediation The Praxis Companies, LLC A: 02/19/13 Joseph Stephens


13-CV-032 Bryan K. Shuler F: 01/18/13 Robert M. Margeson

v Cecilia D. Rosembert S: 01/21/13 Mark L. Pickett

Counter Claim A: 02/20/13 Jody Peterman

13-CV-086 TD Auto Finance LLC F: 02/26/13 AlexanderZubrowski

v James Scott S: Non est


13-CV-174 Thunderbolt Holdings LTD, LLC F: 03/25/13 Kyle A. Cooper

v R.S. Barefoot S: 03/28/13

13-CV-182 Port City Timber Co, LLC F: 03/29/13 Joshua C. Bell

v Wheat & Co., Inc. S: 05/08/13

13-CV-194 John Colvin F: 04/03/13 James E. Messer, Jr.

S: 05/24/13 J.StanleyChapman

v Gilberts Forestry Services A: 06/14/13 John M. Stephenson

& Figure 8 Southlands, LLC S: 04/29/13 George R. Lilly, II

State Farm Mutual AIC A: 06/14/13 M.AustinMoretz

Damages Todd M. LaDouceur

13-CV-227 Envision Credit Union F: 04/12/13 James E. Sorenson

v Stacey M. Biagi S: D. Tyler VanLeuven

Bankruptcy Contract/Account
13-CV-372 Pride Acquisitions, LLC F: 06/14/13 Nerun Ampaipast

v Linda M. Minondo-Ramsack S: 06/14/13

aka Linda A. Ramsack Contract/Account
13-CV-397 Credit Acceptance F: 06/28/13 Kyle A. Cooper

v Charles Bryan S: 09/11/13

13-CV-507 Shuron Hall F: 08/30/13 Michael Chidester

v Torrence Green and S: 08/30/13 Craig N. Cowart

Road Runner Seaford, Inc. Damages
13-CV-554 Midland Funding LLC F: 09/17/13 Keith Taylor

v Cynthia Collins S: 09/21/13


13-CV-576 Candice Kempton F: 09/27/13 Jeanie Tupper

v Terry Courtney S: 09/30/13 George R. Lilly

13-CV-606 Melton Pollock F: 10/11/13 Kermit S Dorough Jr.

v Marty Brock S: Thomas Alexander

13-CV-719 Credit Acceptance Corp. F: 11/15/13 Ross Gelfand

v Sandra McDonald S:


13-CV-721 Ridgefield Place LP F: 11/18/13

v Decatur County Board of Tax Assessors Tax Appeal J. Brown Moseley

13-CV-762 Circle B. Contracting Inc. F: 12/03/13 Joshua C. Bell

v Waddell Real Estate Services Inc,etal S: 12/06/13 David Kendrick

A: 12/23/13


13-CV-763 Circle B. Contracting Inc. F: 12/03/13 Joshua C. Bell

v Mike Conder S: 12/03/13

A: 12/31/13 David A. Kendrick


13-CV-801 Breshonda James F: 12/18/13 W. Paul Fryer

v State of Georgia S: 01/06/14

A: 01/05/14 Kathleen S. Turnipseed

v Georgia Dept of Public Safety S: 01/06/14

A: 02/05/14

v Georgia State Patrol S: 01/06/14

On Appeal A: 02/05/14

Wrongful Death

13-CV-804 Abraham Lippitt, Jr. F: 12/20/13 Johnnie M. Graham

v Harry J. Perkins S: Michael D St.Amand

A: 07/21/14

Kimberlei F. Perkins S:

A: 07/21/14

13-CV-814 Doris E. Hart F: 12/26/13 Alfred N. Corriere

v Adam L. Jones S: 01/08/14

A: 01/13/14 Jonathan M. Adelman

Jimmy E. Jones S: 01/08/14

A: 01/13/14

State Farm Insurance S: 01/16/14

A: 01/16/14

Personal Injuries
14-CV-051 Georgia Farm Bureau Mutual Ins.Co. F: 02/05/14 Rick D. Collum

William E. Powell

Janice L. Powell

v Bruce F. Jarvey & S: 02/05/14

Lou. R. Jarvey Estate A: 02/24/14 Thomas L. Lehman

14-CV-070 Midland Funding LLC F: 02/13/14 Kyle A. Cooper

v Shryland Alexander S: 02/15/14


14-CV-098 In Re: Arthur R. Clarke, Jr. F: 03/05/14 G.E. Adams

Petition for Appointment

of Successor Trustee
14-CV-129 MJ Investment Group, LLC F: 03/17/14 David A. Kendrick

v Circle B. Contracting, Inc. S: 04/11/14

A: 05/23/14 Joshua C. Bell
14-CV-140 Latisha Phillips F: 03/21/14 James M. Kirtlink

v Natalie M. Grubbs S: 03/24/14 J. Holder Smith

A: 04/21/14 Bryan Miller

14-CV-169 Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC F: 04/07/14 Tracy H. Reese

v John W. McCown S: 04/08/14

Contract/ Account

14-CV-170 Calvary SPV I, LLC F: 04/07/14 James A. Nadler

v Harvey L. Breedlove S: 04/08/14

14-CV-234 GE Capital Retail Bank/Belk F: 04/17/14 Tracy H. Reese

v Andrea Givens S: 04/22/14

14-CV-290 Kim Smith & Jesse Smith F: 05/28/14 Jed W. Hill

v Golden Corral Corporation S: 05/30/14 E. Holland Howanitz

A: 07/03/14

14-CV-315 Jamie P. Hahn F: 05/23/14 Pro se

v Jannie M. Cox S: 06/04/14 Josh Bell

A: 07/03/14

Tort/Stolen Property
14-CV-356 Eunice Melinda Sherrer F: 06/25/14 Todd Butler

V Tequeila Ryshea McIntyre S: 07/01/14 Steven L. Morgan

A: 07/16/14

14-CV-386 Midland Funding, LLC F: 07/11/14 Keith D. Taylor

V Charlie Anderson S: 07/18/14


14-CV-387 Midland Funding, LLC F: 07/11/14 Keith Taylor

V Kevin Gunn S: 07/26/14

14-CV-425 James Meredith F: 07/23/14 Pro se

V SOWEGA Live & Brennan Leathers S: Pete Emmons

14-CV-453 Midland Funding LLC F: 07/31/14 Keith Taylor

V Gerry Ceasor S: 08/05/14

14-CV-462 Midland Funding LLC F: 08/06/14 Chantel C Espaillat

V Dennis Richardson S: 08/07/14

14-CV-478 Naomi Jean Clayton F: 08/13/14 Robert Beauchamp

V Michael S. Gordon S: 08/25/14 B. Wheat Kirbo

A: 09/25/14

14-CV-485 Portfolio Recovery Assoc., LLC F: 08/15/14 Bryan D. Thompson

V Kathryn Kinsey S: 09/02/14


14-CV-486 Portfolio Recovery Assoc., LLC F: 08/15/14 Bryan D. Thompson

V April Baker SL 09/09/14

14-CV-512 Midland Funding LLC F: 09/04/14 Keith Taylor

V Tiffany Collins S: 09/08/14 Pro se

A: 10/03/14


14-CV-542 Derrick Biggles F: 09/16/14 Katherine Franke

V Latravious Terrell Miller and S: 10/21/14 George R. Lilly

Nikisha Brown S: 10/21/14

14-CV-573 Midland Funding LLC F: 09/29/14 Keith Taylor

V Brannon Godwin S: 10/06/14


14-CV-575 Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance LLC F: 10/01/14 Jimmy L. Partin

V Gregory Parrish S: 10/07/14

Writ of Possession
14-CV-599 Mike T. Floyd F: 10/03/14 Michael W. Milliams

V Christopher James Cedotal S: 10/07/14 J. Holder Smith

A: 12/29/14

Auto Owners Ins. Co. A: 11/20/14 Paul D. Ivey, Jr.

14-CV-601 Shontel Ciara Wimberly F: 10/07/14 Alexander


V Erin Hall and S: 10/11/14 Michael Meyer Von


Charles Kirksey S: 10/11/14 J. Brown Moseley

14-CV-604 Latice Breedlove F: 10/09/14 B. Clarke Nash

V Bobby Carroll Davis S: James A. Garland


14-CV-622 Midland Funding LLC F: 10/20/14 Keith Taylor

V Jeffery Robertson S: 10/23/14


14-CV-641 Bailey Wilson F: 10/27/14 Roy W. Copeland

V Allison F. Howard & S: 10/29/14 Pro se

Charlotte D. Howard S: 10/29/14

A: 02/25/15

Tort/Auto Accident

14-CV-642 Midland Funding LLC F: 10/28/14 Keith Taylor

V Frank Chandler S: 11/08/14

14-CV-648 Midland Funding LLC F: 10/30/14 Nerun Ampaipast

V Marvin Strickland S: 11/08/14

14-CV-649 Midland Funding LLC F: 10/30/14 Keith Taylor

V Kevin Bullock S: 11/08/14

A: 11/21/14


14-CV-648 Midland Funding LLC F: 10/30/14 Nerun Ampaipast

V Marvin Strickland S: 11/08/14

14-CV-649 Midland Funding LLC F: 10/30/14 Nerun Ampaipast

V Kevin Bullock S: 11/08/14

A: 11/21/14


14-CV-655 Brandon McCracken F: 11/03/14 James M. Grant

V Brandon Dennis S: 11/03/14

Complaint for Personal Injuries/Tort
14-CV-657 Sherry L. Anderson F: 11/06/14 Robert D. Howell

V Judith Ann Kelsey, M.D. & S: 11/26/14 John K. Train IV

A: 01/07/15

Hospital Authority, Et Al S: 11/14/14 Joseph P Durham Jr

A: 12/05/14 Lauren L Brock

Complaint for Damages/Tort

14-CV-658 Lugean Franklin F: 11/06/14 H. Daniel Hayes, Jr.

Zachary Cowart

V Terrance Eugene Patterson ET AL S: M. Andrew Echols

Brian T. Moore


R. Scott Masterson

14-CV-717 Midland Funding LLC F: 12/04/14 Bryan A. Brooks

V Pearlie Stubbs S: 12/04/14

14-CV-720 Midland Funding LLC F: 12/05/14 Bryan A. Brooks

V John Williams S: 12/06/14

A: 12/08/14


14-CV-741 Credit Acceptance Corp. F: 12/18/14 Nerun Ampaipast

V Edward A. & Paula F. Wheeler S: 12/18/04

Complaint on Contract & Deficiency Balance
14-CV-748 Rebecca A. Boyd F: 12/23/14 Josh Bell

V Lawrence Allen Thomas & S: 01/05/15 Melissa L. Lefkow

A: 02/03/15

V L&B Trucking S: 01/05/15

A: 02/03/15

Complaint for Damages

15-CV-002 Cach, LLV F: 01/05/15 Joseph A Ranieri IV

V William Cooper & S: 010/07/15

Southern Exchange Inc S: 01/07/15

Complaint on Contract

15-CV-016 CBA of Bainbridge, Inc. F: 01/09/15 Natasha J. Wood

V Ward Truck Sales, Inc. S:

James L. Ward S:

Appeal #14-0867 from Magistrate Court

15-CV-036 LVNV Funding LLC F: 01/20/15 Martha QuinnMcGill

V Stephen C. Wismann S: 01/21/15

A: 03/03/15

Request to Condemn Funds/10cv3196 Lowndes County

15-CV-038 Matthew K. Holloway F: 01/21/15 Weyman Cannington

V Matt Mitchell, S: 01/21/15 Wheat Kirbo

A: 02/19/15

Darla Mitchell S: 01/21/15

A: 02/19/15

Hailey Mitchell S: 03/04/15

A: 03/06/15

Complaint for Damages/Tort

15-CV-043 Midland Funding LLC F: 01/26/15 Nerun Ampaipast

V Montra Bryant S: 02/06/15

Complaint on Contract
15-CV-044 Midland Funding LLC F: 01/26/15 Nerun Ampaipast

V Synella Williford S: 02/05/15

15-CV-045 Joanne Alexander F: 01/26/15 Charles J. Bowen

V Beverly Love S: 02/05/15 R. Edgar Campbell

A: 02/27/15

Complaint for Damages/Tort

15-CV-109 Steven R. Marshall F: 02/18/15 Charles J. Bowen

V William H. Birdsong S: Joseph W. Dent

Transfer from Miller Co 14-V-154
15-CV-113 Focus Credit Union F: 02/20/15 James E. Sorenson

V Matthew Lee Gay & S: 02/23/15

Lisa W. Dean S: 02/23/15

Complaint on Account

15-CV-133 Annette Butler, F: 03/03/15 A. Jack Hinton

Alexis Butler &

D’Onna Butler

V Justin Davis S: 03/03/15

A: 04/03/15

Geico Indemnity S: 04/13/15

A: 04/16/15

Tort/Auto Accident

15-CV-159 Stone’s Inc. F: 03/16/15 David A. Kendrick

V Kim Heath S: 03/15/15 Jason C. Taylor

Dba Relion Roofing A: 04/20/15


15-CV-161 Credit Acceptance Corp F: 03/16/15 Nerun Ampaipast

V Topika L. Pugh S: 03/18/15

Complain on Contract & Deficiency Balance
15-CV-172 Veronica Williams & F: 03/19/15 Sampson Oliver

Marleaux Williams

V Edward Charles Heard & S: 05/06/15 Brent M. Estes

A: 05/04/15

CC&D Trucking S: 05/06/15

A: 05/04/15

Negligence Complaint
15-CV-182 Estate of Phillip Miller, F: 03/24/15 Josh Bell

Derek Miller &

Linda Miller

V Trustees of Cool Springs S: 03/27/15

A: 04/24/15


15-CV-201 GA Farm Bureau Mutual Ins Co F: 03/30/15 Jeffrey M. Butler

V Ronnie Denardo McFadden S: 04/02/15

15-CV-205 Tallya Perkins F: 04/01/15 Mark W. Nonni

V Winn Dixie Stores, Inc. S:

A: 05/07/15 G. Robert Ryan Jr.

Complaint for Personal Injuries/Tort

15-CV-230 21st Mortgage Corp F: 04/16/15 Jason B. Godwin

V George G. Smith & S: 04/18/15

Marsha R. Jackson S: 04/18/15

A: 05/14/15

Complaint in Trover
15-CV-231 Tidewater Finance Co. F: 04/17/15 Charles T. Day III

V David James Givens S: 04/18/15

Complaint on Contract
15-CV-274 Seminole Co. Training School F: 04/23/15 Bruce Kirbo, Jr.

V Seminole Co. Development, Inc. S: 06/01/15 James A. Gober

A: 07/01/15


15-CV-276 Midland Funding LLC F: 04/27/15 Martha Q McGill

V Odetha Ruffsmith S: 04/30/15

Magistrate 14-0386
15-CV-278 In RE: Caden Edward Keys F: 04/29/15

Petition to Change Name of Minor Child

09-CV-714 William Lance Birdsong F: 07/20/09 Ben Kirbo

v Angel Austin Birdsong Watson S: 08/31/09 Joshua C. Bell

Child Support
10-CV-627 Joellyn M. Weaver Lott F: 05/21/10 Ben Kirbo

v Mark Tyler Weaver S: 05/28/10 Tre McLendon

Mediation A: 06/23/10


10-CV-912 Nicole Wells F: 09/02/10 Ryan Cleveland

v Corey Wells S: 09/07/01 Chevene King, Jr.

A: 10/06/10


10-CV-1034 Corey Wells F: 10/06/10 Chevene King, Jr.

v Nicole Wells S: 01/24/11 Ryan Cleveland

11-CV-264 John Anthony Hurley F: 04/06/11 Trey McLendon

v Chastity Elaine Hurley S:

A: 05/13/11


11-CV-638 Nicola Watson & Sara Reese F: 08/31/11 Michael Garrett

v Sara Murphy S: 08/31/11

11-CV-933 Charles Eugene Glisson, Jr. F: 12/15/11 Tre McLendon

v Melanie Anita Glisson S: 01/05/12 W. Paul Fryer

12-CV-589 Nicholas Smith F: 08/17/12 Pro se (I)

v Marley Thompson Smith S: 08/17/02

12-CV-677 Donald Hoskins F: 09/12/12 Pro se

v Jessica Eakin S: 09/14/12

12-CV-840 Derek Sanders F: 11/07/12 Pro se (I)

v Selimah Sanders S:

12-CV-928 Amy Mills F: 12/13/12 Joshua C. Bell

v Tom Mills S: 12/17/12

A: 1/3/13
12-CV-951 Dayla Lester-Cromwell F: 12/20/12 Joshua C. Bell

v Charles Lester-Cromwell S: 12/20/12

A: 01/08/13 Ben Kirbo

13-CV-030 Kathy Mobley F: 01/17/13 Pro se [60days/tocorrect]

v Frank Mobley S:

13-CV-076 David L. Yates F: 02/19/13 V. Gail Lane

v Jessica W. Myers S: 02/19/13 Thomas L. Lehman

A: 03/06/15

Modification/ FJ&D
13-CV-308 Glover Brock Middleton F: 05/20/13 Jami Lewis

v Kathryn Bell S: 05/22/13 Josh Bell

A: 06/19/13

[2008-V-240 Miller Co.] Modification

13-CV-314 Ryan Claude Shirley F: 05/22/13 Pete Emmons

v Beverly Atkinson Shirley S: 05/25/13 Thomas L. Kirbo, III

A: 06/25/13


13-CV-321 Kyle Duke F: 05/22/13 Joshua C. Bell

v Tracy W. Duke S: 05/24/13 Pete Emmons

A: 06/20/13


13-CV-350 Cedrick Senior F: 06/06/13 Ben D. Harrell

v Towanea Allen S: 06/06/13 Pro se

13-CV-421 Terry D. Tate F: 07/11/13 Bree O. Sullivan

v Sundee Tate S: 07/13/13 Joshua C. Bell

A: 08/12/13


13-CV-436 Lori Moothery F: 07/18/13 Pro se

v Michael Moothery S: (I)

13-CV-445 Christopher Earl Porter F: 07/29/13

V Lindsey Nichole Cady S: 07/29/13

13-CV-448 Kevin S. Pickle F: 07/24/13 Joshua C. Bell

v Amy B. Pickle S: 07/25/13 Ben Kirbo

13-CV-497 Megan Logue Rice F: 08/16/13 Bree O. Sullivan

v Ryan Rice S: 08/17/13 B. Wheat Kirbo, III

13-CV-516 Charlie Emanuel, Jr. F: 08/28/13 Ben Kirbo

v Shawanda Deloris Richardson S: 09/06/13

A: 10/04/13


13-CV-518 Yvonne Jordan fka Oliver F: 09/29/13 James W. Conger, Jr.

v Jed Jonathan Oliver S: 10/17/13 Bruce Kirbo, Jr.


13-CV-522 Adreanna Marie Faircloth F: 09/05/13

v William Franklin Beckwith S: 10/08/13 Chris E. Ambrose

Cheryl Ann Beckwith S: 10/08/13

Writ of Habeas

13-CV-523 Charles Clayton Bryan F: 09/06/13 B. Wheat Kirbo III

v Sonja Michelle Walker S: 09/07/13 Ryan Cleveland


13-CV-607 Tommy Lee Holley F: 10/08/13 Margaret Rentz Smith

v Monica McClure S: 10/08/13 Wheat Kirbo

13-CV-646 Debbie Murphy F: 10/23/13 Pro se

v Wendell Murphy S: Tom Lehman

13-CV-660 James Washington Turner F: 10/23/13 Pete Emmons

v Tiny J. Turner S: 10/23/13

13-CV-747 Paige McCabe F: 11/25/13 Maggie Rentz Smith

V Jonathan McCabe S: 11/30/13

A: 12/19/13 Bruce W.Kirbo, Jr.

13-CV-748 William Tyler Friday F: 11/26/13 Josh Bell

V Peyton Norris S: 11/27/13 Eric L. Gay


13-CV-773 Wesley D. Tillery F: 12/11/13 Eric L. Gay

V Merry A. Turner S: 12/11/13 Bill Bass, Jr.

A: 12/16/13


13-CV-789 Rebecca Kirkland F: 12/12/13 Maila Phillips-Lee

V Justin Matthew McLane S: 12/12/13

A: 02/03/14


14-CV-054 Alicia Nichols F: 02/07/14 Ben Kirbo

V Jason Priest S: 02/07/14 Maggie Rentz Smith

A: 05/28/14 Eric L. Gay


14-CV-185 William Patrick Williamson F: 04/10/14 Pete Emmons

V Katelynn Danielle Williamson S: 04/10/14

14-CV-216 Allyson T. Barker F: 04/14/14 V. Gail Lane

V John William Barker S: 04/15/14 Eric Gay

A: 04/25/14 Josh Bell

14-V-241 Charles Edward Sealy, Jr. F: 04/25/14 B. Wheat Kirbo, III

V Glenda K. Sealy S: 04/30/14 William H. Blackburn


14-CV-264 Sandy B. Rentz F: 05/13/14 Josh Bell

V Jimmy Rentz S: Edward Meeks, Jr.

Divorce/Child Custody/Support

14-CV-277 Sandra Fisher Malone F: 05/20/14 Jami Lewis

V Larry Joseph Malone S:

14-CV-287 Stacey Moore F: 05/28/14 Joe Mulholland

V Christopher Conley S: 05/29/14

14-CV-352 Jerjis Thomas Alajaji F: 06/20/14 Bruce Kirbo, Jr.

V Michelle Anderson Alajaji S: 08/16/14

Judge Gray Contempt

14-CV-382 Tonya Powell F: 07/07/14 Pro se

V Rodney Powell S: Pro se

14-CV-457 Russell Boyd F: 08/04/14 Ben Kirbo

V Jennifer Kay Boyd Barber S: 08/04/14 Ryan Cleveland

14-CV-463 Annette Cooper F: 08/07/14 Moruf Oseni

V Mackel Cooper S: 08/08/14 James N. Finkelstein

14-CV-476 Mackel Roy Cooper F: 08/12/14 James Finkelstein

V Annette Laverne Cooper S: 08/13/14 Wheat Kirbo, III

14-CV-509 Karl Ingram & Melba Ingram F: 09/02/14 Eric L. Gay

V Grady Ingram and S:

Ruth Ingram S: 09/05/14

14-CV-574 Kayla Brewer-Dodson F: 09/30/14 Malia Phillips-Lee

V Colby Dodson S: 10/01/14


14-CV-603 Rebecca Hutto Myers F: 10/08/14 Wheat Kirbo, III

V Anthony Michael Myers S:

14-CV-609 Stephen Barber F: 10/14/14 Josh Bell

V Jennifer Barber S: 10/14/14

Custody/Child Support
14-CV-626 Karen Dollar Rentz F: 10/22/14 Pete Emmons

V Greg Steven Rentz S: 10/29/14 Ben Kirbo

14-CV-677 James E. Estes F: 11/13/14 William H Blackburn

V Mary Helen Estes S: 11/19/14 Ben Kirbo

A: 11/26/14

14-CV-678 Amy Anderson, f.k.a. Mills F: 11/13/14 Pete Emmons

V Tom Mills S:


14-CV-682 Jo Anne Carpenter McCord F: 11/17/14 Ben Kirbo

V William L. McCord S: 11/17/14 Josh Bell

Divorce/Alimony/Div of Property
14-CV-687 Sheilah Johnson Kirkland F: 11/20/14 Gail Lane

V Kenneth R. Kirkland S: 11/25/14 Josh Bell

14-CV-716 Kimberly Walden F: 12/03/14 Josh Bell

V Hilman Walden S: 12/04/14 Bruce Kirbo, Jr.

Divorce/Alimony/Div of Property
14-CV-727 Paul Artez Moore F: 12/16/14 Pro se

V Wanda Moore S: Pro se

14-CV-754 James B. Roberts F: 12/29/14 Jason B. Moon

V LaDonna M. Anderson S: 12/29/14 Bree Sullivan

A: 01/16/15


15-CV-001 Quennel Alonda Jackson F: 01/05/15 James Finkelstein

V Estrella Serrano Jackson S: 01/26/15 Pro se

A: 02/11/15

15-CV-014 Joseph L. Jenkins F: 01/09/15 Pro se

V Stephanie M. Jenkins S: 01/13/15 Pro se

15-CV-033 Derronis Feaster F: 01/16/15 Yolanda McCoyMott

V Edith Anderson S: 01/16/15 Pete Emmons

A: 02/19/15

15-CV-075 Juan Mendez Balderas F: 01/30/15 Pro se

V Brenda Satelo Balderas S: 01/30/15 Pro se

A: 02/27/15


15-CV-083 Amber Hayes F: 02/03/15 Eric Gay

V Billy Wayne Rogers S: 07/08/15

Petition for Custody
15-CV-086 Michael Brian McMillan, Jr. F: 02/05/15 Wheat Kirbo

V Dana Marie Toliver S: 02/07/15

A: 03/06/15

Determination of Paternity/Legitimation

15-CV-088 Jennifer L. Bristol F: 02/09/15 Pro se

V Andrew C. Bristol S:

15-CV-089 Jacqueline R. Spear F: 02/06/15 Pro se

V Marquis L. Spear S: 03/04/15


15-CV-091 Tewanda Renee Jaye F: 02/09/15 Pro se

V Willie James Jaye S: 02/09/15 Pro se

15-CV-093 Cale G. Harris F: 02/11/15 Pro se

V Regina L. Harris S: 02/11/15 Pro se

15-CV-106 Gary Lawson Wimberly F: 02/17/15 Pete Emmons

V Reyanne Wimberly S: 02/17/15

Divorce/Child Custody & Support

15-CV-110 Donna Frances Williams F: 02/19/15 Wheat Kirbo

V Maurice Williams S:

Divorce/Alimony/ Equitable Div Property
15-CV-138 Shanna L. Senior F: 03/05/15 Pro se

V Cedrick J. Senior, Jr. S: 03/08/15 Pro se

15-CV-139 Vivian Davis F: 03/05/15 Pro se

V Bobby Hand, Jr. S:

Change of Custody
15-CV-146 Karen Smith F: 03/11/15 Bree Sullivan

V Christopher Gardner S:

Petition for Contempt
15-CV-147 Christopher Maxwell Bryant F: 03/11/15 Ben Kirbo

V Stephany Herndon Bryant S: 03/11/15 Gail Lane

A: 04/10/15

Divorce/Custody/Child Support

15-CV-163 Stacey R. Moore Conley F: 03/18/15 Cheryl W. Griffin

V Christopher Conley S: 03/18/15

15-CV-171 Ronnie Lewis Alston F: 03/19/15 James Finkelstein

V Annette Lavest Alston S: 04/06/15 Julia Snow

A: 04/06/15

15-CV-181 Kati E. Wisham F: 03/20/15 Pro se

V Jason R. Wisham S: 03/20/15 Pro se

15-CV-197 Lisa M. Mash F: 03/27/15 Pro se

V Jimmy L. Mash, Jr. S: Pro se

15-CV-198 Elnita D. Brady F: 03/30/15 Pro se

V Alfonzo Brady S: 04/01/15 Pro se

15-CV-202 Kennisha Vanshae Jones F: 03/31/15 Yolanda McCoyMott

V Vandon Mark Kelly S: 04/08/15


15-CV-206 Shawntray Marcus F: 04/03/15 Pro se

V Everett Marcus S: 04/03/15 Pro se

15-CV-208 Edward Johnson F: 04/03/15 James Conger, Jr

V Janie D. Thomas Johnson S: 04/03/15

15-CV-209 Christopher W. Cox F: 04/03/15 Pro se

V Heather L. Cox S: Pro se

15-CV-218 Stacey Gay F: 04/09/15 Thomas V Duck III

V Mark Gay S: 05/11/15 James Finkelstein

Modification of Child Custody/Visitation
15-CV-219 Mamie Mae Aresenault F: 04/10/15 Pete Emmons

V David James Aresenault S: 04/10/15 James Conger, Jr.

A: 05/18/15

Divorce/Child Custody/Spousal Support

15-CV-226 Jasmine Bell F: 04/15/15 Pro se

V Kelvin Bell S: Pro se

15-CV-227 Travis T. Campbell F: 04/15/15 Eric Gay

V Danyell B. Williams S: 04/19/15 Melvin Horne

A: 06/09/15


15-CV-232 Michelle Anderson Alajaji F: 04/17/15 Ben Kirbo

V Jerjis Thomas Alajaji S:

15-CV-257 Latasha Taylor F: 04/21/15 Josh Bell

V James Taylor S: 04/24/15 Ryan Cleveland

A: 05/13/15

Divorce/Child Custody/Child Support

15-CV-277 Karenza McNair F: 04/29/15 Josh Bell

V Adell Jones & S: 04/30/15

Felton Wyant aka Felton Shuler S: 05/08/15


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