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Assignment 1

Assignment / Opdrag 1

Critical reflection has become one of the major topics in learning because it involves learning about our lives, the environment we live in and the world. As future Life Orientation teachers this is an important aspect because we deal with sensitive and challenging lessons which can affect our own lives and that of our learners. It is therefore vital to ensure that our critical reflection is enhanced through our professional development.

Coupled with critical reflection is reflective practitioner. The latter is one of the key areas in learning

because it promotes professional development and self-awareness.

Question 1 / Vraag 1

Carefully study the following shortened South African newspaper article and answer the questions that follow.

Bestudeer die volgende verkorte Suid Afrikaanse nuusberig en beantwoord die vrae wat volg.

Teachers suspended over sexual misconduct

By LEBOGANG SEALE Mar 14, 2013

According to sources at the school, the teachers were suspended following complaints by eight girls. Among the suspended teachers is the head of department of Life Orientation (LO), a life sciences and LO teacher, and a maths teacher.

The fact that the head of LO is among the suspended teachers appears to have worsened matters.

a) Can any teacher teach the compulsory school subject Life Orientation? Give an honest reflection (± 1 page).

Kan enige onderwyser die verpligte skoolval Lewensoriëntering onderrig? Gee jou eerlike refleksie 1 bladsy).

b) 'The kind of teacher needed to implement the Life Orientation curriculum successfully, is a special and rare kind of person.' (Matshoba & Rooth, 2014)

Considering the newspaper article and the above quotation, what make you so special to be considered a rare person to teach the compulsory school Life Orientation to our learners? Elaborate 1 page).

Inaggenome die nuusberig en die bostaande aanhaling, wat maak jou so spesiaal om oorweeg te word as ʼn besonderse persoon om die verpligte skoolvak Lewensoriëntering aan ons leerders te onderrig? Verduidelik 1 bladsy).


Assignment / Opdrag 1

Download 246.41 Kb.

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