Cahn’s Margaret M. Allemang Scholarship nb: From 1998-2012, the scholarship has benefitted 15 graduate student

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CAHN’s Margaret M. Allemang Scholarship

NB: From 1998-2012, the scholarship has benefitted 15 graduate students.


Lydia Wytenbroek, Nurses and physicians associated with the Presbyterian Mission to Iran from 1871 to 1960.


  1. Michelle Filice, Wilfrid Laurier University (History). The Frater Soldiers: Male Nursing-Orderlies in the Royal Canadian Medical Corps, 1939-1967.

  2. Helen Vandenbery, UBC. Organization of health care for populations from Japan, China and India during 1880-1920 in British Columbia.


  1. Jaime Lapeyre, History of the League of Red Cross Societies (LRCS) International Public Health Nursing Course and the Rockefeller Foundation (RF) international fellowship program for nurses.

  2. Brandi Vanderspank-Wright, History of Canadian Intensive Care Unit nursing.


Margaret Scaia, Nurses, working women, 1950s-60s


Bev Hicks, From barnyards to bedsides to books and beyond: An examination of the evolution, education and professionalization of psychiatric nursing in Manitoba, 1955-1980


  1. Mary Jane McCallum, University of Manitoba. Aboriginal nursing history in Canada during three periods: 1900-1945; l950s-l960s; and l969-1989.

  1. Shaina Goudie, Memorial University, Newfoundland. The changes in nursing education in Newfoundland after 1966, the year the BScN programme was established at Memorial University.


Chris Dooley, York University. Gender, work, skill and the occupational culture of psychiatric nurses in western Canada, l930-1975.

2005 no award

2004 no award


Sonya Grypma, University of Alberta. Healing Honan: Canadian nurses at the North China Mission, 1888 – 1945.


Florence Melchior, University of Calgary. Nursing student labour, education, and patient care at the Medicine Hat General Hospital, Alberta, 1890-1930.


Marion McKay, University of Manitoba, Saints and sanitarians: The role of women's voluntary agencies in the development of Winnipeg's public health system, l882-l945.

2000 no award

Veryl Tipliski, University of Manitoba. Parting at the crossroads: The development of education for psychiatric nursing in three Canadian provinces, 1909-1955.


Cynthia Toman, University of Ottawa. Crossing the technological line: Blood transfusion and the art and science of nursing, l942-1990.

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