C. How did international politics affect the fall of the Berlin Wall?

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a. Read the first two paragraphs of the article. What reactions might people on either side of the Berlin Wall have had to this sudden news?

b. What decision did Harald Jaeger have to make upon hearing this news, and what did he do?

c. How did international politics affect the fall of the Berlin Wall?

d. Why, ten years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, might “a united Germany (still be) not quite sure of its identity”?

e. According to Chancellor Gerhard Schroder, why is Germany a “great European power”?

f. How do patriotic feelings toward Germany by former East and West Germans differ, and how does this affect their unity as a nation? Why do these feelings still exist?

g. What is NATO, and how is it a dividing factor between former East and West Germans?

h. What “mistakes” were made in the past decade in Germany in trying to unify the two sides?

i. What events beginning in October of 1989 are described in the article, and what caused this turn of events?

j. What is Jaeger’s story about what happened after Schabowski’s news conference on November 9, 1989? How did these events affect his decision to open the gates? What did he then think of his decision? What do you think he thinks about it now and why?

k. How did the unification of East and West Germany affect the economic strength of Germany, and why?

l. Why does a banner outside the Alexanderplatz in East Germany read “We Were the People,” and how does this banner reflect sentiments that existed and still exist between the two sides of Germany until 1989? How do the t-shirts sold nearby oppose this banner? How are these two items symbols of Germany’s struggle to become fully unified?

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