Byzantine Empire Chapter 9 section 1

Two branches of Christianity grew further apart

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Two branches of Christianity grew further apart

  • Eastern Orthodox Church did not accept the pope’s claim as head of Church

  • 1054, Pope Leo IX & Michael Cerularius (Head of Byzantine Church) excommunicated each other

  • This provoked a permanent split between Byzantine, Eastern (Greek) Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church

    West in Rome

      • Pope

      • Latin Language

      • Most important holy day Christmas

    East, Constantinople

    The religious art of Byzantium

    • Intellectual, idealistic, schematic, with restrained colors and reserved form.

    • Realism is rare and undesirable

    • The objective is the spiritual elevation of the believer

    The World of Learning

    • Preserved classic works of ancient Greece

    • Mostly concerned with writing about their own times

    • Many went and taught at universities in Italy,

    • Contributed to the birth of the next cultural time in European history, Renaissance

    Hagia Sophia
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