Byzantine Empire Chapter 9 section 1

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Byzantine Empire

Chapter 9 section 1

  • "Not since the world was made was there . . . so much wealth as was found in Constantinople. For the Greeks say that two-thirds of the wealth of this world is in Constantinople and the other third scattered throughout the world."

--Robert of Clari, a French crusader who witnessed the pillage of the city in 1204, describing Constantinople.

Fall of the west

  • Barbarian tribes keep pushing into a fragmented and weakened Roman Empire.

  • The east through bribery, diplomacy and better military resists effectively

  • 476: Rome Falls

  • 491: Anastasius I: His competent rule reorganizes the east. Financial strength and administrative success.

Byzantine Empire

  • Byzantine: this term is a modern invention. The Byzantines called themselves either ‘Romans’ or ‘Greeks’.

  • Both a Greek & Christian Empire that dominated the eastern Mediterranean.

  • Greek replaced Latin as the official language

  • Christian church became known as Eastern Orthodox Church

  • Byzantine emperor controlled the church & the state

  • Emperor appointed the head of the church

  • Government & religious officials were all bound together in the service of a spiritual ideal

  • Successive emperors build strong walls, palaces, churches, gardens, aqueducts and made the city the biggest, strongest and most enlightened city of medieval Christendom

The Origins

  • 667 BC Ancient Greek city of Byzantium was by king Byzas.

  • 292 AD: Diocletian divides the Roman empire into two.

  • 324: Constantine reunites the two parts

  • 330: Constantine builds a new capital in the location of ancient Byzantium

  • 337: The death of Constantine results in division between east and west.

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