By the Waters of Babylon Study Guide

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By the Waters of Babylon Study Guide

Stephen Vincent Benét is a writer of poetry, short stories, novels, screenplays, AND radio broadcasts (particularily against Nazis), his work had earned two Pulitzer Prizes by the time of his death of heart failure in 1943. He was 44.

Work with one other partner and answer these questions in the Notes section of your notebook. Be prepared for a quiz on this short story. DO NOT WRITE ON THIS SHEET.

  1. Describe the setting (and its time period):

  1. Describe John’s character (describe in great detail):

  2. What is the position that the speaker John's father holds in their society?

  3. As John begins his journey, what physical thing does he forego?

  4. What animals is John escaping when he runs into the tower/building?

  5. What does John believe has "gone out of" the cooking place, lamps, and washing place in the living of the gods where he sleeps?

  6. Describe the Forest people (in detail):

  1. What is “the Great Burning”?

  2. What is the theme?

  3. In his dream, what does John see happen to the gods at the time of the Great Burning (list two things)?

  4. In the last line, after all he has seen and learned, what does John declare his people must do?

Homework (you will work on this alone):

Copy these questions into the Writing/Reflection section of your notebook:

This is due tomorrow, Tuesday, September 22, 2009.

1. Why do you think it is forbidden for anyone but a priest to visit the Dead Places? Explain your opinion.

2. How did Benet know so much about nuclear war and the effects of radiation in 1937?

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