By the Waters of Babylon study concepts

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By the Waters of Babylon study concepts
“By the Waters of Babylon”
Characters: John
John’s father / priest
The “gods”
Setting - time?
The main purpose of John’s journey is ______________________________
What are the Dead Places?
What do priests seek there?
The “gods” were really just ________________________________
Setting – place (learned at story’s end)
ASHING – president
1. How does the father determine the boy is to be a priest?

2. Describe the values of the narrator’s culture. What evidence from the text supports this?

3. Why might priests be gathering metal and why must they be purified after touching it?

4. What do the narrator’s comments about the Forest People lead you to believe about his own people?

5.Where is the narrator going, and why?

6. What signs does the narrator encounter on his journey?

7. What have you inferred about the setting? What details have led you to your inference?

8. What ahs changed the narrator’s ideas about the Place of the Gods?

9. Why does the narrator repeat sayings for the deceased, paint himself, and sing a song before he prepares to cross the river?

10. What does the narrator’s death song reveal about his character?

11. How does John’s discovery of eating and drinking the food of the gods contradict what he was previously told? How does that affect John’s view of the Place of the Gods?

12. Toward the end of the selection, how does your interpretation of the setting change?

13. Why does the narrator say that he is no longer afraid?

14. What does John’s father mean when he says, “truth is a hard deer to hunt”?

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