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Development of Monarchies & Religious Wars

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Development of Monarchies & Religious Wars



1.) Which Religious war was the first of its kind?
a.) Dutch revolts

b.) Thirty years war

c.) War of three Henry’s

d.) Puritan Revolution

e.) Harry rebellion
2.) Who was the mother of the in the midst of the war of three Henrys?
a.) Catherine the great

b.) Catherine de Medici

c.) Angela Merici

d.) Jane Fonda

e.) Mary de Medici
3.) What was the causes leading up to the Dutch revolts against

Phillip II?

a.) Government wanted centralized and authoritarian state

b.) inflation

c.) development of mercantilism

d.) the Renaissance

e.) all of the above

For questions 5, 6, 7, 8 put the four phases of the Thirty Years’ War into chronological order from the beginning to end. A being first D being last.
a.) the Danish phase-2nd

b.) the Bohemian phase-1st

c.) the French-Swedish phase-4th

d.) the Swedish phase-3rd

e.) what the (H-E double hockey sticks) are you talking about these aren’t the phases of the Thirty Years’ War!!!

What country in Europe was NOT part of the Thirty Years’ War?

a.) England

b.) Holland

c.) France

d.) HRE

e.) Scotland

9.) Which two European countries/people

did not participate in absolutism?

  1. Dutch & English

  2. Spain & Austria

  3. Russia & Scotland

  4. English & Holland

  5. Timbuctwo & never never lands

10.) What document ended the religious

wars bringing peace and establishing

many of the same borders that are used by

European countries?
a.) Treaty of Versillias

b.) Treaty of Nystad

c.) Peace of Augsburg

d.) Treaty of Wesphalia

e.) Treaty of boogers

Chapter two: European History

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