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Intellectual and Cultural History

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Intellectual and Cultural History



FRQ: Discuss and analyze the different of types of art from 1900-2000
Art done in the early European ages was that of extraordinary talent, talent that if had not been there people would not have been able to create the masterpieces that are now in the world’s top art museums. All are that were created in the turn of the century branched from the art in earlier years, but with a twist. New Ideas and concepts were introduced to make art look life like and to make the viewer understand the despair going on in the world.

One particular art the stemmed from early art was that of cubism. Cubism is making an object abstract by attempting at an analytical approach. It has shape, structure and an outline for what object is being portrayed. People like Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque were just a few of the artists that created masterpieces using cubism. Picasso created the famous painting Guernica, which was a very abstract painting about the harsh times of war and injustices. Another form of popular art in the 20th century would be surrealism, founded by Andre Breton in 1924. Surrealism is painting something not because it goes together but because it is there to open ones subconscious eye. Using random pieces and creating a statement with different objects to make people think and guess, is what surrealism does.

Another type of art is called Dadaism, which basically means anti-art. It is the idea that you shouldn’t think about what you are doing, just do it. It is based on cynicism and irrationality. It is not there to make sense but to reject the rules, coming from the rules of anarchists and the heartbreak over WWI. Dadaism was the rebellious art of the time. Following Dadaism came Abstract Expressionism, which can be looked at as throwing paint on a canvas and calling it art. It was the use of color and form, and a lot of times represented and meant nothing they were just there to look pretty. People like Marcel Duchamp, for Dadaism; And Jackson Pollock for Abstract Expressionism. These people represented this type of art in the 1900’s.

The Art Movement also included Existentialism created by Soren Kierkegaard in Norway and Jean-Paul Sartre in France. Existentialism was the philosophical side of art, it put into perspective the individual existence, freedom, and choice. As the years move into the late 1900’s and toward the 21st century there weren’t a whole lot of new art. There were great artists like Andy Warhol and Georgia O’Keefe, who created many memorable pieces of art. Photography became a more modern form of art. Architecture became big as well. But, overall there weren’t many new concepts developed in the sense of a new kind of art

Overall the basic idea is that without the earlier pieces of art there wouldn’t be the modernized version of art. Many masterpieces came from the 1900’s due to the despair of war and famine. Many techniques are those of which still used in the 21st century and will continue to be the basis for most pieces of art in the future.

This Painting received an eight because it was well organized, had a clear thesis, and used factual evidence to back of its premises. Score: 8 /9

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