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Cultural and Intellectual History 1900-2000

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Cultural and Intellectual History 1900-2000



1.) In what year was the first transatlantic wireless telegraph sent?
a.) 1900

b.) 1903

c.) 1905

d.) 2028

e.) 1901
2.) What two major events happened in 1918 in Great Brittan?
a.) WWI ends and women are granted the right to vote

b.) Spanish civil war and Guernica bombed

c.) Germany invades Poland and WWII begins

d.) Orwell’s Animal Farm is published and WWII ends

e.) Rexroth’s birth and first sound movie produces
3.) Pablo Picasso’s Guernica was painted because of what?
a.) WWI and WWII

b.)the U.S entering the war

c.) Bombing of a bosque town by the Germans

d.) he has some mental issues

e.) Both A and C

For questions 4-8 match the following people with the correct type of art that they are know for- a.) Salvador Dali, b.) Jackson Pollock, c.) Marcel Duchamp, d.) Pablo Picasso, e.) Jean-Paul Sartre
4.) Dadaism - c

5.) Existentialism - e

6.) Surrealism - a

7.) Abstract Expressionism - b

8.) Cubism - d
9.) Baby Boomers
a.) a person born between 1946-1964

b.) life expectancy rises

c.) a time when birth rates spiked

d.) my mom is a baby boomer

e.) All of the above
10.) What were some American influences on Europeans?
a.) fast food

b.) music

c.) film

d.) obesity

e.) All EXCEPT D

Chapter twelve: European History

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