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Intellectual & Cultural History 1700-1900

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Intellectual & Cultural History 1700-1900


5.) Maximilien Robespierre was the first leader of what group?

  1. Lutherans

  2. Jacobins

  3. Whigs

  4. Tories

  5. Feminists

6.) Who was an influential 19th century philosopher that believed capitalism was bad and expressed him beliefs in the Communist Manifesto?

  1. Kant

  2. Hegel

  3. Marx

  4. Schopenhauer

  5. None of the above

7.) Who wrote (pictured above) Origin of Species, about how selective breeding happens?

  1. Darwin

  2. Lenin

  3. Marx

  4. Engels

  5. Stephenson

1.) The music style from the second half of the 18th century is called what?

  1. Classical

  2. Vocal

  3. Orchestral

  4. Pop

  5. Woodwinds

2.) What is the definition of a symphony?

  1. All music

  2. Only classical music

  3. Extended orchestral work

  4. A song of any kind

  5. Its too complicated to explain

3.) Mozart did which of the following by the time he was six years old?

  1. Played piano

  2. Played violin

  3. Composed music

  4. All of the above

  5. None of the above

4.) Who wrote Candide, a book that ridiculed the optimism of some philosophers?

  1. Mozart

  2. Robespierre

  3. Alexander Pope

  4. Voltaire

  5. McKay

8.) Which of these describe Beethoven?

  1. Born in Germany

  2. Set music tone for 19th century

  3. Forced to practice the keyboard as a boy

  4. Had a bad temper as an adult

  5. All of the above

9.) Who painted Saturn Devouring One of His Sons, and The Family of Charles IV?

  1. Daumier

  2. Charles Garnier

  3. Eugene Delacroix

  4. Francisco Goya

  5. Caspar David Friedrich

10.) Some characteristics seen in the Romantic art movement are what?

  1. Expression of personal feelings

  2. Self analysis and nature interests

  3. Love of fantastic, exotic, erotic love, and external feminine

  4. Nationalism and political commitment

  5. All of the above

Chapter eleven: European History

Intellectual & Cultural History 1700-1900


1.) How did the types of art and the ideas used change from 1700-1900? Used some specific examples and artists in your essay.
2.) The art of Francisco Goya varies a lot. Some of his pieces are very different from each other. Compare Saturn Devouring One of His Sons with The Family of Charles IV.

3.) Analyze Beethoven’s life as a whole. Use Specific examples of his actions, along with the good and bad things that he did.

4.) Compare two different types of music or composers from the time. Support them up with facts.
5.) Who were three of the most influential intellectual people of the time? Give specific examples as to how they were influential.

Chapter eleven: European history

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