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Chapter Eleven


Cultural History: 1700-1900

Chapter eleven: European History

Itellectual and Cultural History: 1700-1900



Francisco Goya

  • Time: 1746-1828

  • What: he is a painter

  • Importance: he considered one of the greatest painters of his era. he is best know for his work on Saturno devorando a un hijo. The picture of that scary guy eating his son

William Wordsworth

  • Time: 1770-1850

  • What: he was a poet

  • Importance: He was one of the great poets of his time and was a leader in the romantic movement

Leo Tolstoy

  • Time: 1828-1910

  • What he was a philosopher and novelist

  • Importance: he was one of the worlds greatest writers


  • Time: 1798-1863

  • What: he was a French painter

  • Importance: he had a large influence in the Romantic era with his use of color

George Sand

  • Time: 1804-1876

  • What: she was a French writer and feminist

  • Importance: she was important because even though she was a women she was still considered as a writer


  • Time: 1821-1881

  • What: he was a writer

  • Importance: he was best know for writing “Crime and Punishment” he has had a lasting effect on authors today


  • Time: 1756-1791

  • What: he was a musician

  • Importance: He is the worlds best composer, he is the most famous as well

Bronte Sisters

  • Time: 1800’s

  • What: they were writers

  • Importance: they are best know because one of the sisters wrote “Wuthering Heights” one of the most popular novels in all of history


  • Time: 1713-1784

  • What: he was a French philosopher

  • Importance: he wrote one of the first encyclopedias

John Lock

  • Time: 1632-1704

  • What: philosopher

  • Importance: his ideas were largely influential in philosophy


  • Time: 18th and 19th century

  • What: a style of art

  • Importance: it was the major art of the 18th and 19th centuries

The peoples Charter

  • Time: 1838

  • What: a act for the people

  • Importance: it was made to help the emerging middle class survive


Natural Selection

  • Time: all throughout time

  • What: an evolution theory

  • Importance: the fittest get to breed, that good genes can reproduce

Rococo Style


  • Time: 1759

  • What: a book written by Voltaire

  • Importance: it was a cynical book written to mock religion and other formations.


  • Time: 18th century

  • What: a style of music

  • Importance: it one of the worlds finest forms of singing, strechting the vocals of someone to the max, it was very popular


  • Time: late 19th century

  • What: describes a developmental art

  • Importance: it was big in this time



  • Time: 19th century

  • What: it was a art movement

  • Importance: a loose association of artists that exhibited their art

Chapter eleven: European History

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