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Selling of Indulgences

  • Priests corrupting the image of the church

  • The Great Schism

  • Rexrothian Treaty (haha)

  • Edict of Worms

    4.) What was well known term for the powerful and wealthy?

    1. The Nobles

    2. The pope

    3. The Oligarchies

    4. Clergymen

    5. Condottieri

    9.) Elizabeth I

    1. Supported Protestantism through different ways of supremacy and uniformity.

    2. Accepted ALL religions.

    3. Wanted to find pragmatic outcomes

    to end violence.

    1. Was know as one of the greatest leaders in England’s history

    2. All of the above

    10.) Who founded the Society of Jesus (Jesuits)?

    1. Whigs

    2. Nobles

    3. Ignatius Loyola

    4. Martin Luther

    5. Jeremy


    Chapter one: European History

    The Renaissance, Reformation, & Age of Exploration



    1.) Compare and contrast the different types of Protestant belief during the 1600’s. Include the beliefs, practices, and ideas they all had in common.
    2.) This painting done by Sandro Botticelli, was meant to represent Intellectual Syntheses. What is the meaning of Intellectual syntheses and why does this painting fit into the Renaissance era.

    Sandro Botticelli. The Birth of Venus, c. 1482. Scholars have made great exertions to unlock the full meaning of this work and La Primavera. A comparison of the two shows some close similarity in the figures.

    3.) How did the Humanism, expansion of trade, and the political changes effect European life, in the fourteen hundreds?
    4.) Explain the religious, political and social reasons surrounding the origins of the protestant reformation as a causes.
    5.) Describe and analyze the different characteristics that define one as being “The Renaissance Man” give examples of real people that fall into the category

    Chapter one: European History

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