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Intellectual & Cultural History 1450-1700

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Intellectual & Cultural History 1450-1700



5.) What is Mannerism?

  1. Psychological, intellectual, and cultural pressure

  2. High renaissance art

  3. Started in 1520’s

  4. About manners

  5. A, b and c

6.) One of Castiglione’s most famous pieces shown above is called what?

  1. The David

  2. Moses

  3. Self-portrait

  4. Uomo universal

  5. Raphael

7.) The Fall of Man done by Dürer was what type of art?

  1. Realism

  2. Modernism

  3. Oil painting

  4. Venetian

  5. cubism

1.) What painting by Botticelli showed the idealized beauty in the form of Venus?

  1. La Primavera

  2. The David

  3. The Battle of San Romano

  4. Venus of Urbino

  5. The Birth of Venus

2.) The Last Supper done in 1498 was the work of whom?

  1. Botticelli

  2. An artist

  3. Michangelo

  4. Da Vinci

  5. Non of the above

3.) Machiavelli (a humanist) believed that the power of the church should be restricted by the state. In what book did he express his views on this topic?

  1. Harry Potter

  2. The Praise of Folly

  3. Utopia

  4. The Prince

  5. He never wrote a book

4.) In Florence, the banking families supported art for what reason?

  1. Reputations of themselves

  2. Reputations of cities

  3. To cover interest in money (which was a sin)

  4. All of the above

  5. None of the above

8.) A new concept in Baroque art shown specifically in Cavaggio’s The Calling of Saint Matthew is which of the following?

  1. Color

  2. Light and shade

  3. Emotionalism

  4. Movement

  5. None of the above

9.) What new form of music was begun in the Baroque period?

  1. Rap

  2. Opera

  3. Secular music

  4. Hip-hop

  5. classical

10.) Whose work laid the way for enlightenment?

  1. Hobbes

  2. Locke

  3. Descartes

  4. All of the above

  5. None of the above

Chapter ten: European History

Intellectual & Cultural History 1450-1700


1.) Compare and contrast two or three major pieces of art work from the time and the artist who did them.
2.) During the Baroque Period, light and shade made a big difference in some pieces it was used in. Use two different pieces (different artists) to explain how light and shade are used.
3.) Caravaggio and Carracci are both painters from Rome. They do very different pieces and their styles are very different. Contrast the 2 pieces below (Caravaggio-The Calling of Saint Matthew and Carracci-The Flight into Egypt).

4.) Why were banking families so influential and powerful? Use Specific examples of what some of the families did.

5.) What is humanism and how did it affect the culture? Who were some influential humanists?

Chapter ten: European history

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