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Europe Post - 1945


FRQ: Many things changed from before WWII until after as far as the culture of the European youth. Discuss and analyze the changes that occurred to the youth in the late 1900’s.
The age of hardships, starvation, and debt was over for most European people. Although parents of the post WWII European children may have still been feeling it, their children weren’t. The kids of this time grew up not knowing or experiencing the troublesome times that had just ended. The change in behavior and culture grew rapidly throughout all of Europeans youth after the war ended.
The 1950’s were a time of intellectual thinking, it was a time of experiencing life’s gifts. This period’s youth was largely influenced by rock music. Groups like the beetles in the 60’s or Elvis in the 50’s. The influence of mass media had grown at an extraordinary rate. The young people of Europe’s’ instinct was that of any youth in any time, it was to mimic their idols, the proofed hair and rouged cheeks, the slang. There was more expression in a sexual sense; it was all about the art and the music, and the freedom. The free expression lead to the use of drugs. Not only illegal drugs but also birth control had made its way into many hands of the young women in the early 1960’s. Everything had seemed to stray from the prim and proper life that was now behind them.
Another new change in the younger culture of the post WWII people was that rebellion was becoming increasingly common among these teens. Examples of these rebellions involved not just European youth but the United State’s youth. The U.S youth who were at the time protesting the Vietnam War. The rebellions included brutal riots, marches, and sit-ins. A different kid of rebellion was to join

the peace core or various organizations. But, never the less there was a stigma in the air, the smell of peace. The youth in Europe were not protesting the war but things like college-based protests about how the classes are limited and are often very crowded. Joining the communist party was also a favorable option to primarily those in Italy and France.

As the world moved on and the Baby Boomers grew up they started to mature with the times. They were more stable and much less radical. But that isn’t to say that the growth of sexuality, language, and drugs didn’t prosper, because it did. The extreme conditions and wild personalities that popped up after the war were just the beginning of what was to come. Mass media like Television, and music were the bases for the tools used in the 21st century. It sparked a new traditions and a whole new generation, which was unheard of in the 20’s and 30’s.

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