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Europe Post 1945


5.) Who was the Prime Minister of Austria and also happened to be a Nazi sympathizer?

  1. Francois Truffaut

  2. Juan Carlos I

  3. Jorg Heider

  4. Bobby Joe

  5. Mikhail Gorbachev

6.) Margaret Thatcher was a conservative and cut government spending while being what?

  1. Female Prime Minister of the UK

  2. Feminist

  3. Artist

  4. Mathematician

  5. Amazing woman

7.) What was the green party for?

  1. Same as communism

  2. Feministic views

  3. Was

  4. Environment

  5. Total government control

8.) What helped with raising the standards of living in the late 1900’s?

  1. Indoor plumbing

  2. Refrigerators

  3. Automobiles

  4. All of the above (a, b, and c)

  5. Smart people

1.) Who was elected in 1978 as pope?

  1. Mussolini

  2. Margaret Thatcher

  3. a regular person

  4. John Paul II

  5. Beethoven

2.) What are postmodernists, one of them is named Claude Lèvi-Strauss?

  1. They argue that language and culture shape society

  2. They were insignificant

  3. They were really rich

  4. A and b

  5. B and c

3.) In 1957, France, Italy, West Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands formed what?

  1. A science formula

  2. EU

  3. A party

  4. European Economic Community (EEC)

  5. An alliance

4.) The ECC eventually renamed the EU did which of the following?

  1. Kicked France out

  2. Kicked Luxembourg out

  3. Included many more countries

  4. Added only one more country

  5. Kicked west Germany out


9.) What is shown in the picture above?

  1. A building being torn down

  2. Reunification of Germany

  3. Peasant revolts

  4. Fall of the Great Wall of China

  5. None of the above

10.) In about 1968, feminists fought for what rights?

  1. Equal pay

  2. Better jobs

  3. Equal opportunities

  4. A and b

  5. A and c

Chapter eight: European History

Europe Post - 1945


1.) Discuss and analyze the difficulties facing the people of the numerous countries involved in WWII, after the war was over.
2.) Discuss and analyze the different ways Europe and other parts of the world set up ways of fixing the money crisis going on after WWII, what agreements and changes did they make to the banking systems?
3.) Discuss and analyze the role that nationalism played in the cold war.
4.) Many things changed from before WWII until after as far as the culture of the European youth. Discuss and analyze the changes that occurred to the youth in the late 1900’s.
5.) “From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an iron curtain has descended across the Continent.” Above is a famous quote, describe and analyze what the quote means and who said it.

Chapter eight: European History

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