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Totalitarianism & WWII


FRQ: Analyze the ideas behind Mussolini and Hitler’s tactics; in what ways did these tactics help them to gain and uphold their popularity.

As Young people growing up both Mussolini and Hitler grew up in the same circumstances. They both came from the working middle class and were often noted as being very extreme. Both Hitler and Mussolini would not have gained power had it not been for the troubles some state that each of the two countries in which they occupied were in. With out a doubt these two young men grew up to a world of perfect opportunity just waiting for a pair like them.

At the end of WWI Italy was in shambles, the economy was failing and the unemployment was at its height, from all the soldiers coming home. Along with unemployment at head so was inflation. When Mussolini came in to the picture in eary1920 he was the new hope for Italian people. The same was happening in Germany the economy was falling apart due to the Great Depression in the 1930’s. Just like Italy Germanys’ Unemployment and inflation were very high. Both the Italian and German people were looking for hope in the times of hopelessness.
In both Mussolini and Hitler’s time the upper classes were afraid of the poor, which lead to the upper class to take over their land. In hopes of containing the poor people, the upper class would give Hitler and Mussolini money to keep them at bay, bringing back laws and control. they did this because the upper class seemed to think that the government wasn’t doing their job. While the upper class people were throwing their money around the middle class just wanted some sort of change, change that would bring them into the future.

The two men were both soldiers in WWI and were unhappy with the outcome and how life was like for them during the war. Both men were using this experience to their advantage, saying that they have been in war and were using these things as propaganda. Hitler and Mussolini both felt as though they were defied by their country and in return promised the people of these two countries nationalism. Once the two were in control of the government they started using the full press to their advantage. Both Mussolini and Hitler made encouraging speeches that would riel people up, they would wear uniforms to encourage national pride. as their power grew the two countries leaders started separating the government so it was to be easily controlled

The rise of Mussolini in Italy and the rise of Hitler in Germany was the worst thing that could have happened. The end result of their power would be millions of lives lost and the beginning of the Second World War, which was to go into the books for being the worst of all wars.

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