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Totalitarianism & WWII



1.) What was the element that sealed the deal between Hitler and Mussolini?
a.) they were both members of the League of Nations

b.) Germany had a visit from Mussolini

c.) the bond of forces with France during the civil war in Spain.

d.) a mutual hatred towards Russia and France

e.) they were both crazy a** Psychos and liked that characteristic in one another
2.) In the late 1930’s the uniting of Germany and Austria was called
a.) Axis powers

b.) The Teutonic league

c.) Central powers

d.) Ausgleich

e.) Anschluss
3.) What country suffered the most after the huge collapse in economic funds also know as the great depression?
a.) France

b.) Germany

c.) Great Britain

d.) Spain

e.) Russia

4.) What was the name for the evacuation of the French Soldiers on June 4, 1940?
a.) Hitler evacuation

b.) Franco evacuation

c.) Dunkirk evacuation

d.) Nazi evacuation

e.) We gotta get the hell out of here evacuation
5.) What was the name of the conference including all of the people/countries know as the big three; the conference where the U.S leader wanted help from the Soviet leader in the war against Japan?
a.) Teheran conference

b.) Lateran conference

c.) Potsdam Conference

d.) Yalta conference

e.) None of the above
6.) What was Hitler’s slogan?
a.) peace land and bread

b.) bread and work

c.) peace and bread

d.) work and peace

e.) stupid mustaches and really high wasted pants

7.) Hitler’s prejudices not only lay upon the Jewish population but what other population(s) did he punish?
a.) Slavs

b.) Homosexuals

c.) communists

d.) Gypsies & Jehovah’s Witnesses

e.) All of the above
8.) Who said “Everything in the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.”?
a.) Hitler

b.) Lenin

c.) Mussolini

d.) Stalin

e.) voldemort
9.) The goals behind Mussolini’s reign were said to be what?
a.) Territorial expansion

b.) Land reform

c.) benefits for the workers

d.) take over everyone

e.) A, B, and C
10.) the Lateran treaty of 1929 did what?
a.) made the Vatican an individual state and abolished divorce, making the women stay home and produce babies

b.) the pope was advising people to follow Mussolini

c.) made Italy entirely fascist

d.) United all of Italy

e.) Both A and B

Chapter seven: European History

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