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I gave this essay a 7, because the thesis is clear, it is a very organized paper, but the facts are all over the place. The connections as to how the facts are causes of the war are not clear. There is no enough reasoning added in to the paper. It still gets a 7, because of the amount of facts and that they do pertain to the question.


Chapter Seven




Chapter seven: European history

Totalitarianism & WWII


Joseph Stalin

  • Time: 1879-1953

  • What: He was the leader of the USSR; a communist soviet leader

  • Importance: He was responsible for mass killings; the Russian version of Hitler

Benito Mussolini

  • Time: 1883-1945

  • What: the fascist leader of Italy

  • Importance: was a big part of the Nationalist movement and was a head guy in wanting terrorist groups

David Llyod George

Ramsay McDonald

  • Time: 1866-1937

  • What: he was the prime minister for the UK

  • Importance: he formed the national government during the Great Depression

Francisco Franco

  • Time: 1892-1975

  • What: he was a Spanish general

  • Importance: he was a leader in the Spanish civil war

Adolf Hitler

  • Time: 1889-1945

  • What: leader of Germany and founder of Nazism

  • Importance: he was responsible for the larges mass killing in all of world history


  • Time: 1897-1945

  • What: He was Hitler’s propaganda person

  • Importance: He was Hitler’s most involved and loved follower, he was almost like Hitler’s right hand man


  • Time: 1900-1945

  • What: another one of Hitler’s buddies

  • Importance: he was appointed the leader of Hitler’s SS army

Winston Churchill

  • Time: 1874-1965

  • What: prime minister of the UK

  • Importance: he was the leader of the UK during WWII and was noted as being a very intelligent person, winning a noble peace prize in literature

Charles DeGualle

  • Time: 1890-1970

  • What: he was a French leader

  • Importance: known for his leadership in the Free French Forces during WWII. He was also a founder of the fifth French Republic and became its first president


  • Time: 20th century

  • What: a type of government

  • Importance: it was the government behind Hitler, but most of all Stalin. He wanted total control over EVERYTHING, even the way people thought


  • Time: 1920’s

  • What: another type of government

  • Importance: started by Mussolini, a type of government that also wanted control over many aspects

Weimar Republic

  • Time: 1919-1933

  • What: it was another name given to the German State.

  • Importance: it was given that name after the German constitution was made for the German Reich in Weimar Germany following the defeat that the Germans had in WWI


  • Time: during WWII

  • What: another one of the Germans secret police

  • Importance: they were the people that you didn’t talk about. They were kept secret but everyone knew about them.

Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression pact

  • Time: 1939

  • What: a pact made between the Nazi’s and the Soviets

  • Importance: it was made so that the two countries agreed not to fight one another. A pact that Hitler ended up breaking


  • Time: 1938

  • What: know as the “night of broken glass”

  • Importance: it was the mass destruction of Jewish people and of their property by the German Nazi’s


  • Time: WWII

  • What: a German word that means leader

  • Importance: it was the term given to Hitler because he was the leader at the time

Final Solution

  • Time: WWII

  • What: the term used in the destruction of Jews

  • Importance: it was the term used at the end of the war given for the extermination of Jews. It was the larges of all the mass killings in the Holocaust

Munich Agreement

Yalta Conference

  • Time: 1945

  • What: a conference held with the big three

  • Importance: one of the conferences between Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill, discussing the War between the U.S and Japan

Chapter seven: European history

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