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WWI & The Russian Revolution

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WWI & The Russian Revolution



1.) What was the name of the plan that was made to fix and clean up the mess of WWI, and who made it?
a.) 16 points/Wilson

b.) 14 points/Roosevelt

c.) 16 points/Roosevelt

d.) 14 points/ Wilson

e.) Treaty of Versailles
2.)What was the end result of the Treat of Versailles made in 1919?
a.) That Germany was to claim all responsibility for the war know as the guilt clause

b.) Germany has to pay reparations of $31.4 billion

c.) Germany was no longer able to have a Navy or Air force

d.) Germany was a loud a limited army of 100,00 men

e.) All of the above
for questions 3, 4, 5, and 6 match the country with its’ leader during the Paris Peace Conference of 1919-1920. The countries are a.) U.K b.) France and c.) The U.S d.) under the sea
3.) Wilson -C

4.) Lloyd George -A

5.) Clemenceau –B

6.) king Triton- D

7.) What was the name of the German Army leader in the beginning of WWI?
a.) Kaiser Wilhelm II

b.) Count Berchtold

c.) Bethmann Hollweg

d.) Lenin

e.) Voldomort
8.) what was the ultimate goal of the Schlieffen plan?
a.) to get a lot of land

b.) to fight on one front

c.) fight on two fronts

d.) to defeat France

e.) to eat peas everyday
9.) which party did Lenin tend to lean towards
a.) Fauvism

b.) provisional government

c.) social democrats

d.) Communism

e.) stupidism
10.) who was the most influential person(s) in Nicholas II’s life?
a.) provisional government

b.) Rasputin

c.) the magic mirror on the wall

d.) Alexandra his wife

e.) both B and D

Chapter six: European History

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