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All of the above

3.) Who developed the idea of utilitarianism?

  1. Ricardo

  2. Adam Smith

  3. Thomas Mathus

  4. Jeremy Bentham

  5. Pope Leo XIII

4.) British reforms were impacted mostly by what ism?

  1. Liberalism

  2. Conservatism

  3. Rexism

  4. Nationalism

  5. Anarchism

9.)The Hungarian Revolution of 1848 was trying to free themselves of something what was it?

  1. Have a party without getting in trouble

  2. Save their country from war against another country

  3. Save their land

  4. Get more land

  5. Independence from the Habsburgs

10.) Who set up the Congressional system?

a.) Talleyrand

b.) Leo Tolstoy

c.) Metternich

d.) George Sand

e.) Napoleon

Chapter five: European History

The Nineteenth Century: Isms and Revolutions


1.) Compare and contrast liberalism and socialism. Include beliefs and some of the main people in each one.
2.) Who was the most influential person that was strongly for liberalism? Explain why you picked that person and back it up with reasoning.
3.) When it comes to the revolutions, which one had the largest impact on the middle and lower class? Explain
4.) How did the Habsburgs (shown below) affect the revolutions that they were involved in?

5.) Analyze the leaders who caused or were involved in the revolutions?

Chapter five: European history

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