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The French and Industrial Revolutions

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The French and Industrial Revolutions


FRQ: Name three different inventions during the Industrial Revolution and explain how they changed the lives of people in the working class.
The Industrial Revolution was in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was a very good time for the advancement of the countries. Many things were created or refined to make them better. The fact that technology got better changes a lot of parts of society. There were many different inventions, which changed lives for the better and worst. To name three, there was the flying shuttle, the power loom and the rolling press. Each of them changed lives of people in a different way. But there are some changes that didn’t happen because of a specific piece of equipment.

The flying shuttle was created in 1733, by a man named John Kay. He was a weaver, and the flying shuttle enabled one weaver to operate the loom rather two weavers. The flying shuttle cut the demand in half. Less people were needed to run them, so fewer employees were needed in a company. Some lost jobs and moved to find work somewhere else. That caused a lot of urbanization. The power loom was invented by Edmund Cartwright. That was in 1785. The power loom was very similar to the mule, but much larger. It was perfected many times until about 1800. The power loom lead to a demand for more cotton to be made because they could process it so much faster. In 1780’s, the rolling press was created. It printed textiles and was much faster. The rolling press replaced plates that were hand operated. With the rolling press not as many employees were needed and more urbanization happened. People went elsewhere for jobs. Those were 3 inventions that caused many things to happen socially with the working class.

Overall, there were many changes that happened, because of everything and not one thing in particular. Urbanization happened because there were more jobs open in the factories and new mills. Also, in the cities there were a lot of people losing their jobs. Child labor also increased, because education opportunities were scares. If children weren’t in school they were expected by their family and society to work, so they could make money for the family. All workers, children and adults worked very long hours, and they were no laws for the employer to follow. Later there were restrictions for hours and eventually laws about the treatment of workers. Many died of disease, because of horrible sanitation. Houses were very small and cramped for the average working class family and water was also very unclean. That is how life was like for the general working class people.
In Conclusion, the working class encountered many challenges and their lives were very hard. The development of the flying shuttle, the power loom, and the rolling press changed lives even more and put more people out of jobs. The Industrial Revolution was a good time for countries as a whole to get more advanced, but for individual families it was horrible. Their lives were very difficult if they made it, which some didn’t.

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