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The French & Industrial Revolutions

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The French & Industrial Revolutions



1.) Who was the person who may have uttered these words, ”Let them eat cake”?
a.) Louis XVI

b.) Mary Montague

c.) Marie Antoinette

d.) Napoleon

e.) Mr. Rexroth
2.) What were the group of people described as “those wearing long pants”?
a.) The Directory

b.) Sans-culottes

c.) Estates General

d.) Nobles

e.) The pirates
3.) After France became a republic what were the words that were being promoted?
a.) Bread, liberty, equality

b.) Equality, freedom, republic

c.) Peace, equality, and liberty

d.) Liberty, equality, and fraternity

e.) none of the above

4.) joseph Sieyes’s “What is the Third Estate?” argued what?
a.) That the nobility and that of the clergy did not have a lot to do with the life and living of the country.

b.) The different states should have been voted on by the estates.

c.) That the last estate (3rd) should have the right to vote.

d.) The peasants taxes need to be lowered.

d.) Every on should treated equally.
5.) which was NOT a form of French government?
a.) National Assembly

b.) legislative Assembly

c.) Legislative convention

d.) National convention

e.) Are these suppose to mean anything to me?
6.) The reason as to why Napoleon was welcomed into Germany and Italy was because
a.) he brought new scientific tools

b.) Didn’t hold grudges

c.) gave the land back to the peasants

d.) he was backed up by the church

e.) he had unity and a very strong government.


7.) What was the reason for Napoleons defeat when he attempted to invade Russia?
a.) Napoleons army was unprepared for the blistery winters of Russian territory

b.) the Russian army was too big

c.) the French was ill equip

d.) they were sissies

e.) all of the above
8.) Who was the considered the “great French artist” during the French Revolution. He was most known for his painting called The Death of Marat.
a.) Theodore Gericault

b.) Mozart

c.) john Constable

d.) Jacques-Louis David

e.) Spongebob
9.) who was the Chief minister of Austria during the Napoleonic era?
a.) Robespierre

b.) Metternich

c.) Joseph Sieyes

d.) Leopold

e.) none of the above

10.) Who was put in place as the constitutional monarch after Napoleon fell?
a.) Louis XIVV

b.) Henry IVIV

c.) Louis XVIII

d.) George VII

e.) Napoleon II

Chapter four: European History

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