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This essay received an eight because it was well developed answered most of the question and had a strong thesis; it was also well organized. Score: __8___/9

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This essay received an eight because it was well developed answered most of the question and had a strong thesis; it was also well organized. Score: __8___/9


Chapter Four
The French


Industrial Revolutions

Chapter four: European History

The French &

Industrial Revolution


Louis XVI

  • Time: 1754-1793

  • What: he was the last king of France

  • Importance: he was the king that helped lead France into a huge deficit and started the French revolution

James Hargreaves

  • Time: 1720-1778

  • What: he was an English engineer

  • Importance: he invented the spinning Jenny, a tool that doubled production time.

John Kay

  • Time: 1704-1764

  • What: farmer/inventor

  • Importance: invented the flying shuttle for weaving


  • Time: beginning in the 1600’s

  • What: the upper middle class

  • Importance: they supported the French Revolution and helped out in many ways

Maximilien Robespierre

  • Time: 1758-1794

  • What: he was a leader in the French revolution and was a lawyer

  • Importance: he headed the revolution, becoming a influential figure

Marie Antoinette

  • Time: 1755-1793

  • What: she was the last queen of France

  • Importance: she was married to Louis XVI, her heavy spending lead the French in to a revolt, she was vary selfish

Eli Whitney

  • Time: 1765-1825

  • What: farmer/ American inventor

  • Importance: invented the cotton Gin in 1793


  • Time: 1789-1800

  • What: a large and influential political group during the French revolution

  • Importance: they were the only kind of government that existed during the Revolution

Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Time: 1769-1821

  • What: he was a very powerful leader during and after the French revolution.

  • Importance: He became the first and only emperors of France. Under his power France became very powerful and took over many territories

Edmund Cartwright

The Tennis Court Oath

  • Time: June 20, 1789

  • What: it was a locked meeting on a tennis court

  • Importance: it established the French constitution

Storming of the Bastille

  • Time: July 14th, 1789

  • What: It was a prison on France

  • Importance: it was the first big movement of the French Revolution. The people of France destroyed it.

Declaration of the Rights of Man

  • Time: August 27, 1789

  • What: the National Assembly approved it.

  • Importance: It was based on Ideas from the enlightened period. Freedom of the press, speech, petition, and the freedom of religion

Bread March

  • Time: Oct, 5, 1789

  • What: it was an angry mob of women that marched to Versailles

  • Importance: it was bold move which showed the power of the people

Reign of Terror

  • Time: 1793

  • What: the national convention made a dictatorship

  • Importance: the reign killed over 16,000 people in France

Napoleonic Code

  • Time: 1804

  • What: a code of civil law

  • Importance: they were the new guidelines under napoleons rule.

National Convention

Estates General

  • Time: July 1788

  • What: was the title of the three classes/estates

  • Importance: hadn’t been called since 1614

National Assembly

  • Time: June 17, 1989

  • What: it was the rebellious, third estate

  • Importance: was a group of the people of the revolution

The Directory

  • Time: 1798-1799

  • What: the new government in France after the Revolution

  • Importance: It didn’t last long it was overthrown by Napoleon

Chapter four: European History

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