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Candide (1759)

  • Green Eggs and Ham

  • The Wealth of Nations (1776)


    9.) Who contributed to the

    writing of The Encyclopedia?

    1. Dennis Diderot

    2. About 160 of the important French Philosophes

    3. Jean le d’Alembert

    4. Rousseau, Voltaire and Montesquieu

    5. All of the above

    10.) Adam Smith thought that

    Laissez-faire was very important and he wrote The Wealth of

    Nations in 1776, what was that book about?

    1. How to get the most

    out of your money

    1. How to make more money

    2. A nations wealth is based on the production of goods

    3. How tasty the food


    1. How many farmers are

    in the country

    Chapter Three: European History

    The Scientific Revolution & The Enlightenment


    1.) Discuss and Analyze the changes during the Scientific Revolution, Include the life style changes of the common person.
    2.) Compare and contrast the differences and similarities of the early scientific revolution and enlightenment period (17th century) with that of the modern thought in 1840-1919.

    Above is a Painting with enlightenment qualities, Analyze and explain WHY this is a good representation of the enlightenment period.
    4.) Explain the different ways in which the Scientific Revolution went hand in hand in the creation of the Enlightened period.
    5.) Pick and analyze the Enlightened Despots during the 17th century. Explain why they are that enlightened and give examples.

    Chapter three: European history

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