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Q29. List some Aggregates methods provided by query builder in Laravel ?

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List some Aggregates methods provided by query builder in Laravel ?
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What is Laravel Vapor?

It is a serverless deployment platform that is powered by AWS.Laravel Vapor provides on-demand auto- scaling with zero server maintenance.
What are pros and cons of using Laravel Framework?
Pros of using Laravel Framework
1. Laravel framework has inbuilt lightweight blade template engine to speedup compiling task and create layouts with dynamic content easily. Hassles code reusability.
3. Eloquent ORM with PHP active record implementation. Builtin command line tool Artisan for creating a code skeleton , database structure and build their migration
Cons of using laravel Framework
1. Development process requires you to work with standards and should have real understanding of programming. Laravel is new framework and composer is not so strong in compare to npm (for node.js), ruby gems and
python pip.
3. Development in laravel is not so fast in compare to ruby on rails. Laravel is lightweight so it has less inbuilt support in compare to django and rails. But this problem can be solved by integrating third party tools, but for large and very custom websites it maybe a tedious task
What is the Laravel Cursor?
The cursor method in the Laravel is used to iterate the database records using a cursor. It will only execute a single query through the records. This method is used to reduce the memory usage when processing through a large amount of data.
Example of Laravel Cursor foreach (Product::where(‘name’, ‘Bob’)->cursor() as $fname) do some stuff
How to clear Cache in Laravel?
You can use php artisan cache:clear commnad to clear Cache in Laravel.

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