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Route Middleware: will be assigned to a specific route.
Read more about Laravel middlewares
What is Lumen?
Lumen is PHP micro-framework that built on Laravel’s top components.It is created by Taylor Otwell. It is perfect option for building Laravel based micro-services and fast REST API’s. It’s one of the fastest micro- frameworks available.
You can install Lumen using composer by running below command composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/lumen blog
Explain Bundles in Laravel?
In Laravel, bundles are also called packages. Packages are the primary way to extend the functionality of
Laravel. Packages might be anything from a great way to work with dates like Carbon, or an entire BDD testing framework like Behat.In Laravel, you can create your custom packages too. You can read more about packages from here
How to use custom table in Laravel Modal ?
You can use custom table in Laravel by overriding protected table property of Eloquent.
Below is sample uses class User extends Eloquent{
protected $table="my_user_table";
List types of relationships available in Laravel Eloquent?
Below are types of relationships supported by Laravel Eloquent ORM.
One To One
One To Many
One To Many (Inverse)
Many To Many

Has Many Through
Polymorphic Relations
Many To Many Polymorphic Relations
You can read more about relationships in Laravel Eloquent from here
Why are migrations necessary?
Migrations are necessary because:
Without migrations, database consistency when sharing an app is almost impossible, especially as more and more people collaborate on the web app.
Your production database needs to be synced as well.
Provide System requirements for installation of Laravel framework ?
In order to install Laravel, make sure your server meets the following requirements:
PHP >= 7.1.3
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
Tokenizer PHP Extension
XML PHP Extension
Ctype PHP Extension
JSON PHP Extension

Download 39.11 Kb.

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