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PHP Laravel Interview Questions
What is Laravel?
Laravel is a Symfony-based free open-source PHP web framework. It is created by Taylor Otwell and allows developers to write expressive, elegant syntax. Laravel comes with builtin support for user authentication and authorization which is missing in some most popular PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, CakePHP. It one of the most popular PHP framework which is based on MVC architecture. It was written in PHP & initially released in June 2011. the latest version of laravel is Laravel 8, released on 8 Sep 2020. You will find here the best and latest Laravel Interview Questions and Answers that help you crack Laravel Interviews. You can also download the Laravel Interview Questions PDF from the given link between the post.
What is Laravel?
Laravel is a free open source "PHP framework" based on the MVC design pattern.
It is created by Taylor Otwell. Laravel provides expressive and elegant syntax that helps in creating a wonderful web application easily and quickly.
Explain Events in laravel ?
An event is an action or occurrence recognized by a program that maybe handled by the program or code.
Laravel events provides a simple observer implementation, that allowing you to subscribe and listen for various events/actions that occur in your application.
All Event classes are generally stored in the app/Events directory, while their listeners are stored in app/Listeners of your application.
Explain validations in laravel?
In Programming validations area handy way to ensure that your data is always in a clean and expected format before it gets into your database.
Laravel provides several different ways to validate your application incoming data.By default Laravel’s base controller class uses ab ValidatesRequests trait
which provides a convenient method to validate all incoming HTTP requests coming from client.You can also validate data in laravel by creating Form Request.

Download 39.11 Kb.

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